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Croatia Week: Roundup

We’re wrapping up Croatia Week here on TravelHyper. In case you missed anything, here’s our 5 step guide on planning a trip to Croatia. Find out why Croatia is right for you The Best Cities to Visit in Croatia The Best Places to Visit in Croatia 7-Day Trip Itinerary for Croatia Croatia FAQs

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Croatia Week: Planning Advice

After all the talk about a trip to Croatia, I’m sure you have tons of questions. I’ll try to answer some I had to research and if you have more please ask! Money How do I pay for things in Croatia? Croatia isn’t on the Euro (yet, watch for it in 2013) so they have […]

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Croatia Week: Itinerary

I’ve planned a sample 7-day trip to Croatia to help guide you through planning your own trip to Croatia. I’ve based it on the Must-Sees I mentioned for the cities and countryside of Croatia and tomorrow I’ll provide you with some helpful tips on how to survive during your travels and how to adapt this […]

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Croatia Week: The Country

Turning away from the big cities, we’ll be exploring along the countryside and islands today. Tomorrow I’ll show you how to plan a trip hopping from city to countryside and Friday I’ll offer you some helpful travel tips. Here’s a map to orient yourself: View Croatian Countryside in a larger map Hvar Hvar is one […]

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Museum of Broken Relationships

Croatia Week: The City

Croatia has 4 big cities full of history. Find out a little more about the cities and the must-sees inside them.

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Croatia Week: Why Croatia?

Croatia is a country with natural beauty, history, a Mediterranean culture but it’s often forgotten as tourist destination. Find out why your next vacation should include Croatia.

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