I’m Julie and I love to travel. Even more than that, I love to plan dream trips. I’m an explorer and a dreamer but I’m practical and a list maker. My parents raised me to save my pennies up for trips because the world is so much bigger than your own backyard.

I’ve been to over half of the 50 states, I’ve been outside the United States and I plan to go everywhere and anywhere the world takes me. I’ve climbed mountains, I’ve snorkeled in the Pacific and lounged on the Caribbean. I’ve had bubble tea in San Francisco, sushi in Canada and smoothies in Hawaii. I’ve done the creaky hotel with screaming outside your room and I’ve done the breakfast in bed suite.

What I hope to do for you is to push your own boundaries. I want you to find new vacations in your backyard, try countries you had never heard of and try things you’ve never done before. I want every trip to be the trip of the lifetime and by pushing your boundaries I hope to push my own.

My current travel goals:

  • Cruise the Mediterranean
  • Learn to ski
  • Do a 12+ hour flight
  • Walk on a new continent
  • Learn the language of where I’m going (more or less)

I hope to constantly turn your eyes to new parts of the world, to understand the culture of where you’re going and to give you a chance to explore the world that is ours.