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I’ve recently booked a vacation for later this year. This is a big one, I’ve been saving up for 5 years with my husband to go on an anniversary cruise. I’ve booked this through a travel agent so he can take care of any emergencies so I can really relax on this trip. Over the next couple weeks I’ll start sharing some details about my trip plans but you can take a guess at what we’re planning if you check out my Pinterest page.

liberty of the seas

Since I’m already in love with the idea of cruising, when Sarah from contacted me about promoting cruising, I definitely wanted to jump on board. Cruising still has a bit of bad press at times thanks to some recent Costa incidents and the anniversary of the Titanic being on everyone’s minds. Obviously I feel safe about cruising because I’ve booked one of my own. One of my closest friends said after her first cruise that she’s not sure she’ll ever vacation any other way but cruising. My top tips: research, read reviews from other passengers, and ask a travel agent what cruise lines they have a good relationship. 

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Have you ever been on a cruise? I’d love to hear your advice and anything that’s a must-do on a cruiseliner.

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