Top 12 Countries: Curacao

Plage Privée Cas Abao - Curaçao

Cas Abao - Curaçao by flickr user ƐL6 ɹǝdsoɹd


Curacao recently became an independent country after being part of the Lesser Antilles till 2010. Curacao is in the Caribbean just off the coast of Venezuela, so you get the tropical feel without the crowds or most of the storms in the sea. This is a beautiful place with European influences, great places to snorkel, and gives you a chance to explore a variety of cultures.

Swimming with Dolphins

Dolphin Academy by flickr user Sagolla


5 Things to Do

  • Swim with Dolphins
  • Snorkel
  • Scuba Dive
  • Explore Caves
  • Feed an Ostrich

5 Places to See

Boka Pistol

Boca Pistol at Shete Boka National Park by flickr user dredwardhaight


Shete Boka National Park Shete Boka is home to the Seven Bocas, or sea caves. You can explore inside the caves and see waves and the carved mountainside. Boca Tabla and Boca Pistol are both favorites and be sure not to miss the blowhole.

Seaquarium Beach This beach stretches 1600 square feet and is spread across the front of many hotels, restaurants, and clubs. You can stretch out in the sun, enjoy water sports, or swim during the day and at night you can enjoy a beachfront dance party.

Quem quer trocar de lugar com a moça?

Mambo Beach, part of Seaquarium Beach by flickr user HelenaN


Curacao Sea Aquarium The aquarium itself is what you might expect any traditional Caribbean aquarium to be. The real treat here is the Dolphin Academy. You can kiss, swim with, snorkel with, or dive with the dolphins here.

Playa Lagun If you’re looking for a secluded snorkeling spot, this is your best bet. The waters are calm thanks to cliffs blocking off the sea and there’s coral to explore. Snorkelers here say they’ve seen moray eels, sea turtles, and plenty of fish.

Visitors Descend...

Playa Lagun by flickr user laszlo-photo


Playa Cas Abao Curacao is best known for its intense blue waters (think of the alcohol blue Curacao) and this is the beach you can find the brightest of blues. You can snorkel or swim or just rest on the beach. The sand is white, the sea is calm and there’s a bar on the beach. This is the ultimate spot to relax.

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