One of the worst things about planning a trip is trying to pack all your gear up. I’ve been watching luggage sites and getting ideas for how to make packing easier and how to pack smarter to avoid those dreaded baggage fees. Here are some of my favorite pieces.

The SkyRoll Garment Bag

skyroll garment bag

If you hate the bulk of normal garment bags, you’ll love the ingenuity of this one. The garment bag starts with a hollow cylinder that you can fill with shoes or personal items. Then you have a long garment bag that can fit a suit or a cocktail dress and then there’s pockets to fit a few every day items. You just roll the pack up and carry it like a duffel bag onto the plane without having to check it.

The Powerbag

If you’re a backpacker with technology, this bag will interest you. Each Powerbag contains a charging station where you can charge batteries, Apple products, and USB charging products. This particular bag can fit and charge laptops, tablets, smart phones, or ereaders.

Mother Lode Weekender Convertable

mother lode convertible bag

This bag was designed by Ebags to take the best of its top-ranking bags and combine them into one handy piece of luggage. This bag is expandable so if you’re traveling light it easily fits in the overhead bin but if you need to pack a lot you can expand it and check the bag. If you’re a backpacker you’ll like the sturdy but lightweight material that’s easy to clean and the protected laptop pocket. The bag has a quick access pocket for travel documents, straps to keep items secure while hiking, and adjustable straps for your comfort.

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Another great idea for packing tips is the blog I Am Packed. I love seeing how people pack their gear and how much they can fit in one bag.

What do you use for your bag?

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