Hotel Profile: Dunton Hot Springs

Our first hotel profile took us to Switzerland and our second hotel profile took us to St. Lucia. This month we’ll be heading to the United States for Dunton Hot Springs in Delores, Colorado.

Dunton Hot Springs

Dunton Hot Springs is the #1 All-Inclusive hotel in the United States and #6 in the world. The hotel is located in the Colorado Rockies not too far from Telluride. Dunton Hot Springs is inside a restored ghost town that was once based around a mine. The resort seeks to go back to the times of log cabins, hot springs, and saloons.

Dunton Hot Springs

Dunton Hot Springs does indeed still have its hot springs. You can enjoy springs at 86 degrees, 106 degrees, or somewhere in between. There’s a 19th century bathhouse to relax in, 2 pools and a cabin that all have access to the springs. If you’re more into the outdoors, there’s also a spring on the river and you can bathe right at the source of the springs.

Dunton Hot Springs

13 restored cabins circle the saloon and dance hall. The Well House Cabin is the one with its own access to a hot spring, there’s an all-season tent, and even cabins that can hold up to 10 people. The hotel is all-inclusive so all food and drinks (with the exception of reserve list drinks) are included in your stay. There are also customizable packages you can add on to your stay. Rates start at $550/night.

Dunton Hot Springs

While you can just sit around relaxing, there’s also plenty to keep you busy. There’s an on-site library, horseback riding, fishing, hiking, trails and even seasonal lessons. Guests have experienced ice carving and photography lessons during their stays. In the winter you can add on skiing, snowmobiling, ice skating, or even dog-sledding.

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