Top 12 Countries: Bulgaria

Plovdiv by Edal Anton Lefterov via Wikimedia Commons


Bulgaria is a country where you get more bang for your buck. The country is a great place to unplug and just enjoy the simpler life. Just because you’re going simple doesn’t mean you can’t have lots of fun. Bulgaria is known for its skiing, rock climbing, mountain villages, and even an old castle and fortress. Less is so much more in 2012.

S U  N N Y . B E A C H

Sunny Beach, Nessebar by flickr user mr.alsultan

5 Things to Do

  • Skiing
  • Hiking
  • Swimming
  • The New Sofia Pub Crawl
  • Churches

5 Places to See

Mountain Road

Vitosha Mountain by flickr user Stella VM


Vitosha Mountain Bulgaria’s highest peak is just outside the capital city of Sofia. You can take public transportation to the mountain and enjoy ski runs or the Duhlata cave system’s taverns and rivers. You can also take a cable car up the mountain and enjoy the great views.

St. Alexander Nevski Cathedral, Sofia, Bulgaria

St. Alexander Nevski Cathedral in Sofia, Bulgaria by flickr user ali eminov


Sofia The capital city has some creative things to offer. You could try The New Sofia Pub Crawl, a great way to meet locals and hear their take on the city while learning about the culture and having a chance to hear what locals like best. Ask for pointers about the cities large number of museums, galleries, and churches. Still looking to discover more? Try the Free-Sofia Tour with English speaking guides that take you past some top city attractions.

Nessebar Village Nessebar is an ancient seaside resort town. There are so many historic buildings here that UNESCO named it a World Heritage Site. The city is said to have the highest number of churches per capita and with 40 churches dating as far back as the 5th century you’ll have plenty of places to visit. Sunny Beach, its resort part, is the most popular holiday resort in Bulgaria.

Balchik Perhaps one of the most peaceful spots of Bulgaria in in Balchek. There’s a palace that was built for Queen Marie of Romania and the royal gardens have since evolved into Botanical Gardens that are open to all and even provide the blind a chance to discover the plants. The grounds have more than 2500 species of plants including rare trees, water lilies, and magnolias. You’ll also have the chance to see waterfalls, creeks, and beautiful sea views from the palace. This is a perfect day trip away from Nessebar Village.

Balchik Botanical Gardens

Balchik Botanical Gardens by flickr user Marcin Chady


Plovdiv Plovdiv is the oldest continually inhabited city in Europe and Bulgaria’s second largest city. You can walk through cobbled streets and get a sense of what Renaissance-era Bulgaria was like. The city has Roman ruins inside of it including a second century Roman amphitheater that operas are still performed at. The city offers free guided tours to help you discover the history of the town.

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