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Do you pin? I’m of course talking about Pinterest, the hottest site to sweep the web. Now that more people are getting on board, I thought I’d share some of my favorite things about pinterest for travelers.

Follow Me

I of course recommend that you follow the official TravelHyper pinterest page. You can always find it on the front page. I offer inspiration photos for far-off destinations (sorted by country), cruise itineraries, tons of awesome hotels and pools, Disney boards, St. Louis events and attractions, road trip planning ideas, vintage maps, and even a preview of my next vacation.

If you aren’t sure how to use pinterest or are just starting, you can also check out this handy guide to Pinterest that I made. Without further ado, here are my Top 40 Favorite Travel Pinners for 2012.

Follow the Locals

Follow your state or city pin boards for ideas you might not be aware of. I follow both St. Louis and Missouri accounts and get to discover really neat things like Missouri-themed gifts, Valentine’s events across the state,  and fun local events and restaurants.

Key Cities and States on Pinterest

missouri pinterest

Follow the Presses

There’s a ton of travel magazines and journalists who have recently joined Pinterest. I love following them for travel advice or tips, plus they tend to hire some talented photographers.

Top Travel Journalists on Pinterest

Follow the Goods

I love dreaming of trips so I have no problem following travel agents and booking companies who love travel as much as I do. A lot of what they pin is aspirational but let’s face it, that’s what makes Pinterest so awesome.

Top Travel Corps on Pinterest

Follow the Bloggers

I love finding new people who love travel as much as I do. Travel pinning is about networking and learning more about this world. Some of the pinners I follow know everything about food at Disney or help plan trips for parents.

Top Travel Bloggers on Pinterest

Who do you follow for travel inspiration? Leave your pinterest page in the comments and I’ll be glad to follow you back.


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I'm Julie, I love to travel, I'm very hyper and I like to "hype" things and from that, TravelHyper was born. I'm a Missouri native and I cover St. Louis travel ideas as well as my own travels. I also like to focus on places I want to visit and budget travel ideas by creating trip plans. There's so much world out there and I hope you'll find that it's worth seeing and that vacation doesn't have to be out of reach to you.

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  • Steph

    Julie, this guide is so awesome! Thank you so much. We’re on Pinterest too and still at the learning stage. Essentially we’ve been trying to find awesome pictures to inspire our customers to travel more and this guide is oh so helpful 🙂 Keep in touch with us on Pinterest too! ( )

    • TravelHyper

      Thanks for stopping by! I’ll be checking out your pins but I’m definitely following and can’t wait to see more photos from you.

  • Hannah D

    I cannot believe I am just now finding this! It was so helpful and man did it give my ego a small boost! It is nice to see that the Pinterest that I have been working on for my small town of Natchez, MS is still hanging in there with as many or more followers as some of the bigger cities! Check it out!!

  • Sheila

    I have a travel board that I started – just to collect images of places I’d love to visit. I now have 22K followers on that board…