Opening the Vaults: Mummies

If you’ve ever been to the Field Museum in Chicago, you know they have an impressive collection on display. Their collection goes far beyond what they have on display though. In the Field Museum exhibit Opening the Vaults: Mummies, you won’t be seeing mummies from other museums. Instead you’ll have the chance to see 20 mummies that the Field Museum has had in storage, many of which haven’t been displayed since just after their acquisition in 1893.

opening the vaults mummies field museum

Opening the Vaults: Mummies includes 20 mummified bodies from Peru and Egypt. The remains are from 5,500 to 800 years ago. To keep the exhibit modern, the mummified remains were CT scanned and the exhibit will include these scans. The CT scans allow the mummies to be virtually “unwrapped”–images help demonstrate how mummification is performed, what the probable cause of death was, and offerings included in the wrappings. The bodies are also displayed with artifacts from Peru and Egypt native to the era.

Poster Girl, the Mummy. from The Field Museum on Vimeo.

This is a limited time engagement. The mummies are very fragile so they will be on display just long enough to show the mummies and lessons learned from them before going back into storage. This may be the only chance you’ll ever have to see this collection so if you’re interested, be ready to visit on your spring break.


Opening the Vaults: Mummies
Dates: February 17, 2012-April 22, 2012
Hours: 9 AM to 5 PM daily
Location: The Field Museum, Chicago, Illinois
Tickets: Tickets to Opening the Vaults: Mummies are included in both Discovery and All-Access passes to the Museum and are priced at $22-$29 for adults, $18-24 for seniors and students with ID, and $15-$20 for children 4-11. Discounts are available for Chicago residents. Tickets can be purchased at
Additional visitor information can be found on the website

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