Genghis Khan

There are two reasons you may be hearing about Genghis Khan in the news. One is Martha Stewart’s fuzzy little Chow Chow named Genghis. The other is what this post is all about, the Genghis Khan exhibit at the Field Museum in Chicago.

Genghis Khan’s legacy is often one of a ruthless warrior but history has forgotten he was an innovator and an environmentalist. Genghis Khan was actually a title for a man whose real name was Temujin. Something Radiolab fans may be familiar with is the scope of Genghis Khan’s actions. He had 5 wives, more than 500 concubines and possibly 16 million living descendants. Listen to the tale:

The exhibit itself features the largest single collection of 13th century Mongolian artifacts ever assembled. Over 200 objects are on display including weapons, gold, and even items from mummy tombs. The exhibit also addresses the legacy of Genghis Khan and even the mystery of his burial place. Artifacts from Genghis Khan’s third son’s city of Karakorum are also included in the exhibit. The culture created by his sons and grandsons lay the groundwork for modern day China.

Don’t forget to visit the Field Museum’s other exhibit, Opening the Vault: Mummies, while you’re visiting this exhibit.


Genghis Khan
Dates: February 24, 2012-September 3, 2012
Hours: 9 AM to 5 PM daily
Location: The Field Museum, Chicago, Illinois
Tickets: Tickets to Genghis Khan are included in both Discovery and All-Access passes to the Museum and are priced $22-29 for adults, $18-24 for seniors and students with ID, and $15-20 for children 4-11. Discounts are available for Chicago residents. Tickets can be purchased at
Additional visitor information can be found on the website

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