All About Disney’s Pools

The spring and summer season are some of the most popular times to visit Walt Disney World. If you choose to stay on-site (that is, with one of Disney’s own resort hotels) one of the best features are all the amazing pools. To learn about the different tiers of Disney hotels, check out this post. If you’re already familiar, look at all the pools and let me know which one you think is the best.

Value Resorts

If you stay at one of the 3 All-Star resorts (Music, Movies, or Sports) you have the option of sharing pools with any of the other All-Star resorts. This is one of the few areas where you can pool-hop so take advantage of it. The pools in the value resorts tend to be very family-friendly and are placed in a central location so they’re the hub of activity at the resort. Movies are often shown on a large screen so you can watch from the pool.

All-Star Movies

Mighty Duck Buildings

Both of the pools here are focused around Disney movies. The larger pool is designed around Fantasia and the smaller pool is shaped like a hockey arena to fit its Mighty Ducks theming.

All-Star Music

Disney All Star Music Pool!

Disney’s All-Star Music resort has 2 main pools. The larger one is the Calypso pool and is shaped like a guitar. The smaller pool is shaped like a piano and aptly named the Piano Pool.

All-Star Sports

Disney's All Star Sports Resorts

Fitting the sports theme, the larger pool at All-Star sports is designed to look like a beach surf while the smaller pool looks like a baseball diamond with Goofy throwing water instead of pitches.

Pop Century

Pop Century Resort

Disney’s Pop Century resort doesn’t share its pools with the All-Star resorts so it has 3 pools. The main pool is shaped like a flower and is placed in the section of the hotel themed around the 1960s. A bowling pin-shaped pool is in the 1950s section and a computer monitor-shaped pool is in the 1990s section.

Art of Animation

While Disney’s newest resort won’t open until later this year (May 2012 for suites and December 2012 for all guests) they are planning on having 3 pools. It looks like they’ll be based around Finding Nemo, The Little Mermaid, and Cars.

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