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This month I’m starting a new series based around hotels. Each month I’ll feature one hotel or resort that I find inspiring in some way. These aren’t paid or sponsored posts, merely a way to continue to inspire the love of travel through beautiful places.

This month’s hotel profile takes us to Switzerland for a mix of a ski resort and a new way of camping coined “glamping” for its glamorous side. Whitepod is located in the heart of the Swiss Alps. They offer 7 km of private ski slopes, paragliding, hiking, dogsledding, snowshoeing, and more luxurious amenities like an on-site restaurant and spa.

So what makes Whitepod different from all the other hotels? For one, its name is very true. Rooms are not held inside some giant complex, they are actual eco-friendly pods. The pods are geodesic domes about 8 feet high and triple-insulated. They’re held together with a sturdy steel frame designed to resist the mountain winds. You’ll ski or snowshoe to your room and luggage gets delivered by a snowmobile.

whitepod resort

Just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean you’ll freeze inside. Domes come with a wood-burning stove, cowskin rugs, and sheepskin blankets. Hot water bottles are put in your beds while you dine.

whitepod resort

There are 15 different domes to stay in and a main chalet to enjoy as well. The pods do include bathrooms with a shower, sink, toilet, and towels. There’s no need for yellow snow here. You’ll also have access to electricity so you can go as rugged or as glam as you’d like. For a pod with a 2-person occupancy they run €325 (about $425 USD/nt) for weeknights on up to €480 ($630 USD) for weekends. The price includes a breakfast buffet, access to the ski slopes, transport and equipment, and tea time.

What do you think? Could you ever stay in a pod or is “glamping” not really your style?

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