Da Vinci Machines

How was your weekend? I hope it was as good as mine. I managed to make it to the final day of Monet’s Water Lilies exhibit at the St. Louis Art Museum. Then I headed to downtown St. Louis to another exhibit.

Da Vinci Machines

I won tickets to Da Vinci Machines via 501CONNECT a couple weeks ago. Da Vinci Machines isn’t your ordinary museum exhibit. It’s located inside the old Bank of America building at 800 Market Street, right across the street from the City Garden.

Da Vinci Machines

Da Vinci had entrusted local craftsman to render his pieces to his specifications but sadly none of those pieces survived. The exhibit seeks to recreate Da Vinci’s original sketches into the objects they were meant to represent. Carlo Niccolai was hired by the permanent Da Vinci Museum in Vinci to recreate these pieces. After his original job he went on to form a company that created the ones seen inside the St. Louis museum. Inside the exhibit is an 8-minute video showing a demonstration as to how some of these items were recreated.

Da Vinci Machines

The exhibit leads you through Da Vinci’s creations by separating them into four categories: War Machines, Flying Machines, Nautical & Hydraulic, and Principles of Mechanics. Many items allow you to see the piece in action and move them with your hands. Recreations of Da Vinci’s Tank (Carro Armato) allowed me to explore all sides of this revolutionary idea. His ideas on how to improve Archimede’s Screw (Vite de’Archimede) were displayed and guests have the chance to turn the wheel themselves.

Da Vinci Machines

Archimede's Screw (Vite de'Archimede)

Guests can take a short tour of the museum provided by guides. The tour was held hourly and included additional information and insight into Da Vinci’s life and works. At the end of the tour there’s a 45-minute video with history that held new facts I hadn’t seen in older documentaries. It covered his art and his never-ending quest for knowledge. For additional background information, visit the creators’ website. To view additional photos from the exhibit, view my flickr photostream.


Dates: Now through February 28, 2012
Hours: 10 AM to 6 PM daily
Location: Da Vinci Machines, 800 Market Street, St. Louis, MO
Tickets: Adults- $14, Students & Seniors- $11, Children- $9  (Under 5- free), Family discount packs are available

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