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How much is your comfort worth? That’s what I attempted to discover when I compared two booking sites, Kayak and Hipmunk. Kayak searches all the booking sites for you and finds you the cheapest price for your itinerary. Hipmunk searches the same itineraries but sorts them by agony level. They also allow sorting by price, duration, departure and arrival times, and airlines.

To test the sites I decided to test a roundtrip itinerary between St. Louis and Venice during September 19 and September 29, 2012.

kayakKayak’s #1 result is only $1214. The outgoing flight requires 2 layovers but lasts 33 hours and 7 minutes. The return flight also has two layovers and lasts 40 hours and 50 minutes. I don’t know how you rank agony but that sounds close to torture.

Kayak’s #2 result is $1390.Both the outgoing and returning flights have 2 layovers and each last 15 hours and 15 minutes. Not so bad but can we do better?

hipmunkHipmunk’s #1 result costs $1399. The outgoing flight has only 1 layover and and takes only 12 hours and 20 minutes. The return flight has 2 layovers and takes 16 hours and 54 minutes. One flight clearly sounds amazing and one flight takes a bit longer.

So how do you choose? Hipmunk’s flights will save you 1 layover and 1 hour 16 minutes but you’ll pay $9 more. Is your comfort worth $9? I’d like to think mine is and hopefully Hipmunk and Kayak can help you determine how much your comfort is worth.


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