Gift Ideas: The Roadtripper

All this week I’ll be posting gift ideas for your favorite traveler (or even yourself!) Each one will follow a theme and by the end of the week you should have an idea for everyone on your list. Today’s target: The Roadtripper. You know the type. They usually are a dreamer, loves to explore new places and often live out of their car. Here’s some ideas your roadtripper may not have:

Roadtrip Christmas Gift Ideas

Road Trip USA: Cross-Country Adventures on America’s Two-Lane Highways
A great way to plan a trip, it features roadside oddities, restaurants, hotels, motels, trivia, and even radio stations.

Batman Light Signal Key Chain
Maybe Batman won’t save you but if you need assistance, shining the light could help you get spotted. And hey, who doesn’t need more Batman in their life?

Igloo Playmate Elite MaxCold Cooler (16-Quart, Icy Blue)
Coolers are necessary to survive a road trip. Keep some bottled water and some sandwiches inside and you’ll never have to leave your car.

GOgroove FlexSMART 4i Car Mount System Hi-Fi FM Transmitter and Charger for Apple iPhone 4S , 4 , 3GS , 3G / iPod Touch 4th Generation and Other iPods
If you have an iPhone then you’ll love this device. It charges your phone, it plays your music over the radio, and it even mounts your phone so you can use it for directions. How cool is that?

The Most Scenic Drives in America: 120 Spectacular Road Trips
My parents gave me this book for Christmas 2 years ago and I love it. It has amazing guides to some of the best roads in the country. Some are popular and some are hidden treasures. If you weren’t dying to go on a road trip before, you will be after this book.

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I'm Julie, I love to travel, I'm very hyper and I like to "hype" things and from that, TravelHyper was born. I'm a Missouri native and I cover St. Louis travel ideas as well as my own travels. I also like to focus on places I want to visit and budget travel ideas by creating trip plans. There's so much world out there and I hope you'll find that it's worth seeing and that vacation doesn't have to be out of reach to you.

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  • gman thebrave

    My parents travel in their RV all the time now and I can’t
    afford to give them a vacation but I was looking for something travel related
    this year and The Most Scenic Drives in America book I think is a fantastic
    idea.  It won’t rival last year’s gift
    which was more pricey when I gave them a year subscription of DISH Network HD
    service when my dad said he liked my DISH employee Sling Adapter’s TV I get on
    my phone or tablet PC.  I got the Sling
    Adapter for him free with the new subscription and now my mom and dad watch all
    the time in the RV when they travel. 
    This year we are getting my wife’s parents the Sling and DISH HD service
    for a year since they have an RV now too! 
    I just hope they don’t expect us to go with both sets of parents on
    trips now.  Ugh!

    • TravelHyper

      You can’t go wrong with that book. I’m liking your past ideas too. I’m fairly certain you’re running out of time to be lucky enough to escape the RVs. When you hand over the gift, mention you saw a lot of RV trips to the Alaska area and hope that keeps them busy for a while.