Atlanta Day 4

On Day 4 of our Atlanta trip we finally got around to some shopping. By “got around to some shopping” I mean we shopped for 6 straight hours because we are crazy people.

Shopping in Atlanta

A very key part of our Atlanta trip plan was the Ikea inside the city. As St. Louisans, we have no Ikea so I often just check the website and sigh a lot. We’ve hit a point in our home renovation where we could use some furniture and organizing tools and Ikea happens to have some nice pieces so I wanted to stock up while in Georgia. There might be an Ikea or two in Chicago but 1) I’ve already been there and 2) Atlanta has such cool stuff.


The first part of our shopping adventure was the obvious big trip to the Ikea. We spent a solid 4-5 hours inside of the building between getting acclimated to the shock, finding our way around, checking out, and loading up. You can see a lot of my thoughts about Ikea over on my home blog.

Atlantic Station in Atlanta, Georgia

Atlantic Station

We did take an intermission in our Ikea shopping…for more shopping. Nope, not even kidding. Ikea is technically part of a really cool part of town known as Atlantic Station. There’s housing, shops, and restaurants all in one neighborhood. It was just a 10-minute walk on some really nice sidewalks from the Ikea and with the temperatures in the upper 60s it felt wonderful to get outside and escape Ikea.

Z Gallerie

Z Gallerie in Atlantic Station

There’s some useful stores like Dillard’s and Target inside Atlantic Station, some clothing stores like Ann Taylor and Express, and you can even grab some pizza at California Pizza Kitchen. Everything is out in the open air and the area was all decked out for Christmas so it was quite cozy. We stopped in at both West Elm and Z Gallerie while we were there walking around and taking a break. Both are fun to walk through and may not be in every town so they are worth the detour. After shopping there we went back to Ikea to buy our items and load up the van we had borrowed.


You’re going to laugh but lunch for this day was…Ikea. Okay, I didn’t eat the store but they do have a cafeteria-like restaurant that we ate at before switching levels. My husband was afraid of Swedish foods so he got chicken fingers but I went all out for the meatball, mashed potato, lingonberry dish. What can I say, if I’m going to do Ikea then I’m going to do it all. It wasn’t bad until about 10 meatballs in and then I was done. Sorry Sweden. If you want awesome Ikea food, get the cinnamon rolls.

Atlanta Ikea

A classic Ikea meal. I'd say their cinnamon rolls are better.

For dinner we were pretty exhausted from our shopping so after heading back to the hotel we walked one block south to DaVinci’s Pizzeria. It’s a small little place that seems to cater to hipsters with trivia nights and PBR but I was wooed over with the thick crust pizza and crazy combinations of toppings. Maybe I only got pepperoni but after Swedish meatballs I needed a classic topping. Since I’m more of a thick crust girl than a NY style pizza, I preferred DaVinci’s over Rosa’s but as far as quality I’d say they’re evenly matched.

Davinci's Pizza

Davinci's Pizzeria

We went to bed early this night since we had a 10 hour drive ahead of us the next day and Atlanta had us beat. Who knew there was such awesome stuff in Atlanta? Oh wait, I did.

Don’t forget to catch up on Day 1, Day 2, or Day 3 of my trip and check out my flickr page for more behind the scenes photos. Tomorrow I’ll recap the trip, look at how it compared to my $1000 trip predictor and tell you what I’d do differently next time.

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