Photo Friday: Must Take Disney Shots

If you’re planning a Disney trip, you’ll want tons of pictures. Me, I took around 800ish photos on my last trip but I run a travel blog and was testing out a new camera. Still, the more days there are the more photos you’ll be taking. It could be easy to forget that one really obvious shot. If you like to make photo books or scrapbook, you know the importance of getting that perfect shot. I’ve made up a list of must-take Disney photos that will be handy on your next trip. If you aren’t the creative type, think of these prompts as a Disney photo scavenger hunt– a way to explore the parks through your camera lens.

Must Take Disney Photos printable

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Some of these prompts are pretty straight-forward, you all should know about the Disney castle and Spaceship Earth is the big dome you see in Epcot. When you take a photo, make sure to explore whatever it is you are taking a photo of to better capture your experience. One fun prompt is the hidden mickey challenge. Park creators and designers hid images of Mickey Mouse’s head throughout the park. When I was making this list I knew I needed to include the hidden mickey prompt but I was sad I hadn’t taken a photo of one. Those 800 photos I took? I found 2 hidden mickeys in them! Can you find the hidden mickey in the image below?

Hidden Mickey at Animal Kingdom

Did you find the hidden mickey?

Still searching? Look at the center ticket window at the rocks below the sign. That three-pronged head is just one of the hidden mickeys I found on my trip. In fact, here’s how my photo scavenger hunt came out:

Disney Photo Scavenger Hunt

25 Must Take Disney Photos

You’ll see just how many cool shots of the parks I got that you might miss, like a lit up sign or the shops inside Epcot. I really love that I got a shot of my husband in a Pirate’s of the Caribbean hat and one of me drinking my Grand Marnier Orange Slush. Be creative with your photos. You’ll notice I chose to include a gorilla face from the Tree of Life rather than the tree itself and my fireworks came from Fantasmic! rather than a show in the sky.

Sprik Space Special thanks to Sprik Space for designing the chevron design I used for my printable. If you want to try your hand at making your own must-take photo guide, she has tons of designs you can use to pretty up your own masterpiece.

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