Planning Ahead for Thanksgiving

Not feeling that thankful for your family this year? It’s about 8 weeks out from Thanksgiving so now is the best time to book a ticket home to see them but if you’re feeling more adventurous, now is also the best time to book a little vacation they never have to know about.

Best Places to Visit over Thanksgiving

Penguins, Argentina

  • Are you ready for some football? Dallas, Baltimore, and Detroit will all be hosting Thanksgiving Day football games so if you’re a sports fan plan ahead for the games.
  • See some penguins. In November, Argentina is in springtime and low on humidity. You can climb the Andes Mountains, party in Buenos Aires, wine and dine in Mendoza, and even see penguins in Patagonia.
  • Thanksgiving dinner around the world. Book a cruise over Thanksgiving and you’re very likely to get an on-board turkey dinner during your trip. Bonus: you can get some deep discounts if you do a re-positioning cruise, one where your departure port differs from your arrival port, like a transatlantic cruise.
  • Las Vegas. Get there early in the week for cheap room rates and minimal crowds. With all the buffets around you’ll be just as stuffed as you could have been at your parents’ house.
  • Scream up some fun. If you love amusement parks, visit one this week. Most families don’t think to take their kids out over the holidays (Disney is a major exception with major crowds) but a place like Branson will have Silver Dollar City open in the evening and their “Old Time Christmas” festival going on as well.

Ways to Avoid Getting Busted for your Vacation

Candy Turkey

    1. Come up with a great excuse. Call home a couple days before the trip, asking something silly. “Dad, do you think mom would want turkeys made out of Reese’s on the table this year?” won’t mean anything to him but if you say it and sniffle often and hack a cough, he’ll mention the turkey candies to your mom and that you sound awful. Then when you have to call and say you’re too sick to come, your parents will buy your story.
    2. Make up for missing this holiday by sacrificing another one. You had to “cancel” your ticket home but thankfully you were able to transfer it so you can visit them Christmas/Easter/4th of July.
    3. Don’t go somewhere you’ve dreamed of your whole life. You’ll want to take pictures, pictures end up on facebook and next thing you know, your mom calls you for a discussion about how you hurt her and you get written out of the will.
    4. Don’t go anywhere too sunny without good SPF. Sun = tan. Will you be able to hide your tan in one month before Christmas comes around or will you be busted ahead of time. Note: if you regularly hit tanning booths you may be safe but tan lines may give you away.
    5. Avoid New York. I know the parade might be tempting but it also might be your downfall. If one of those thousands of video cameras catches you screaming at the Sponge Bob float and the kids see you Thanksgiving morning, you will be busted and you’ll never hear the end of it. You might think the football game suggestion would violate this rule but it won’t as long as you stay sober.
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