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Just yesterday I was reading a post by Rick Steves on how he uses his smart phone during his travels. He said that by the end of this year, half of phone users will own a smart phone.

Can you think of ways a smart phone can help you on your travels? I use apps like Maps and Yelp on my phone the most, usually to locate nearby dining opportunities or get directions when driving somewhere. Others I really like are Mouse Memo and and GateGuru for the ability to help me on my travels.

Disney just announced that Verizon smart phone users can now access their Disney Mobile Magic app for free. You can get official wait times, dining information, park maps, and even games to keep you busy while you’re in line.

Disney's Mobile Magic App

Disney's Mobile Magic App can help you find characters

An iPhone version is in the works so check this list to see if your phone is currently included.

Show-Me Missouri app

The Show-Me Missouri app can help you research Missouri's top tourist locations

Another app I discovered this week is the Show-Me Missouri app for the iPhone. It was made with the help of Show-Me Missouri, a travel magazine for the state. The app includes maps of the state, pictures of historical locations as well as background information and visitor information. The app was designed by Sutro who has made similar apps for many other states. This app can help you take a trip without bringing a guidebook along and at $2.99 it’s a steal.

What apps do you use on your trips?

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