Travel Bites: Carry Ons

With checked luggage fees increasing and the money in your wallet decreasing, you might be looking for a cheaper way to travel. Recently Academichic tipped me off to a perfect weekender carry-on bag. Carry-on = no checked bags = more money in your wallet. While I haven’t bought the bag yet, I will say that it is on my shopping list before my next international flight.

Image credit: Tom Bihn

The Tri-Star bag by Tom Bihn is an investment piece. The bag has three compartments; one section easily fits a laptop, another fits clothing, and the third is large and open, perfect for cosmetic bags or shoes. Not to be outdone, the bag has many zippered compartments that can hold any paperwork, snacks, or even a passport. My favorite feature is the pouch that can hold a water bottle.

Image credit: Tom Bihn

Not only can the bag hold all your items, it’s small enough to fit in an overhead bin (even by Heathrow’s tough standards). You can carry it by the handles, with the shoulder strap, or pop it onto your back like a backpack. The Tri-Star bag comes in 9 color combinations and is easily customizable with other Tom Bihn products (like the packing cubes). The bags may not look like much but Tom Bihn prides itself on durability.

The Tom Bihn Tri-Star bag costs $270 and is available at For more reviews, check youtube or The Vacation Gals.

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    I ended up paying an extra $80 with carry-on baggage fees on Spirit Air, they’re the worst! And I had already paid for everything through a package on Priceline. Never again..

    Thanks for the tip in this post!


  • TravelMosafer

    Well, you won’t be paying for the check-in luggage as long as you won’t pack it overload. However, in you over pack it and you got an over baggage that is the only time you’ll pay. On my part I always pack a carry-on luggage because it is more comfortable for me, less stress and worry free.