What’s Your Sign?

American Express’s Nextpedition has a new way to determine what kind of traveler you are. I scored very closely on 3 of them but in the end I’m an

Adrenalista indeed. You feel normal with your stomach in your throat and adrenaline ripping through your veins like wildfire. You push yourself to the edge with every new journey and hurl yourself over it with a maniacal grin. Then hop the next train to a far-off land just to do it all over again.

Is that me? In a nutshell, yes. While I do like laying back on the beach in Mexico, I’m known to do a cutthroat Disney vacation as well. I literally made my husband’s feet bleed on that trip. I once took my entire family to Chicago and made them walk from the zoo to Wrigley Field and back to the Blue Man Group as part of my 21st birthday celebration. My motto on vacation tends to be “You can sleep when you’re dead” (or really, between midnight and 10 AM).

Since I married a Zenturian, you might think I’m doomed in family vacations. Right now we’re on the path of alternating vacation spots but maybe in the future we’ll find our travel mojo and just alternate breakneck days with downtime.

What’s your sign and how do you make your vacations work if you don’t share a travel personality with your companion?

(via Jet-Setting Divas)

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I'm Julie, I love to travel, I'm very hyper and I like to "hype" things and from that, TravelHyper was born. I'm a Missouri native and I cover St. Louis travel ideas as well as my own travels. I also like to focus on places I want to visit and budget travel ideas by creating trip plans. There's so much world out there and I hope you'll find that it's worth seeing and that vacation doesn't have to be out of reach to you.

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