So it’s summertime and many people are heading off on summer vacations. I’m kind of weird because in general, I take my vacations in the fall or spring. It works better for my family since we have no kids and my husband’s work schedule can get demanding over summer. I want to start setting some seasonal travel goals for myself but since I’ll be sticking around St. Louis this summer, I’ll have to be a little creative.

St. Charles, MO train station

1. Shop at 5 different (and new!) stores in the area

It’s always fun trying out new places. There’s so many small businesses and shops I’ve never been to so why not now? I’ll probably be looking for household items since I’m remodeling my house so I’ll want to visit some resale and antique shops in there. In general I’ve only really shopped at antique shops out of state or in historic St. Charles, Missouri. It’s time to push my boundaries a bit and this St. Louis City Guide via Design*Sponge ought to do the trick.

2. See the great outdoors

Take a trip to either the City Garden or the Botanical Gardens in town. It’s been years (a decade?) since I’ve been to the Botanical Gardens and I’ve never been to the City Garden despite working downtown so clearly I need to push my boundaries.

3. Visit Six Flags

I haven’t been here since I graduated high school. I think I’ve kept it on my list as “something kids do” but I just went to Disney last year. I think it’s time to take a trip out to the park again.

4. Try 3 new restaurants

My husband and I often stick to what we love and that can mean getting in a rut. I might love my local BBQ place but there’s also a pizza place that’s been on my to-try list for 3 years now. 3 is a modest goal so I’m hoping to beat this one up.

5. Visit St. Charles

I want to set aside a night to visit either Main St. in St. Charles or New Town. The former has several music nights and the latter has movie nights so somewhere in our summer schedule we should be able to make one of them. There are also several festivals at each so if we get off our butts and mingle we can push our boundaries even more.

6. Go berry picking

I have two great local U-pick farms. I need to get berries all the time so why not pick them myself?


I’ll update you in fall how I did with these goals and what my next ones are. What are your travel plans for this summer and have you created any travel goals?

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