Mexican Vacation: The Room

If you followed the Travelhyper Twitter feed, you might have caught on that I LOVED my Mexican vacation. Some quick details: I went to Excellence Playa Mujeres with my husband from April 30 through May 6. I booked with Funjet Vacations and took Aeromexico from St. Louis to Cancun. There’s so much to share about this resort and I think I’ve already convinced an extended family member to go so I want to provide a one-stop source for all things EPM. This week I’ll cover the rooms, the resort itself, the food, the entertainment, and all the trip planning details. Today we start with the room.

View from our room

View from my room

Room Classifications

All rooms have a few key qualities: you’ll find a large couch and TV viewing area in your room, a jacuzzi that opens up both into the room but also the balcony, air conditioning, wireless internet, DVD player, iPod dock, stocked minibar, and 24-hour room service. Depending on the room you book, you may find yourself with additional features.

Junior Suite: These rooms are on the upper levels of the buildings, below the top-most level. These rooms are on the interior of the resort and view either a pool or the spa, which includes a view of the lazy river too. These rooms offer both king sized beds or 2 double beds so they are perfect for two friends visiting or guests of one of the destination weddings on the property.

View from room

View from my room-the bottom are swimup rooms, above that are junior suites, and on top are the rooftop terrace rooms

Junior Swim-up Suite: These rooms are on the lower level of the buildings. They are more walk-out rooms than swim-up rooms but they come with a second set of lounge chairs for you to lay in during your trips into the water. The rooms here are very similar to the junior suites but only come with king beds. The rooms here also have views of the pool or spa, which again includes the lazy river as you can see in the photo above. The only drawback to these rooms is that some of them don’t have the most convenient way to enter or exit a pool (i.e. no ladders or stairs) from the room side of the water.

View from room

Different building heights means different privacy levels-a view from my room to down below

Two-Story Rooftop Terrace Suite: These rooms come with king beds and the same views as the other rooms. The real perk is the hydrospa pool that comes with the room. While the rooms are described as being two-story, some rooms have the pool on a deck adjacent to the room rather than above it. With the differing building heights this can mean a lack of privacy for some guests in their private pools. In addition to the pools, these rooftop decks have extra beds to lay on outside as you can see in the above photo.

Excellence Club: All of the room types I’ve described above can also be reserved in the Excellence Club. These rooms have ocean views and additional features beyond the other rooms. The rooms have separate private lounges and a private beach that doesn’t allow access to the other guests. The minibar is stocked with premium drinks and guests have access to an Excellence-only bar as well. There are other perks but starting in November 2011 you’ll get a special spa treatment as well. If you want additional service or better views, feel free to upgrade to the Excellence Club but I never found my stay lacking without it.

My Room

I couldn’t resist. I had to get one of those two-story rooftop terrace suite rooms with the pool. We were in building 1 up on the top floor with a view of the spa and lazy river. From the rooftop, we could even get a glimpse of the ocean. I was impressed.

The Main Floor


View of our bed from the couch area; behind it is the bathroom and to the left you'll see our staircase to the roof

Our room was large and spacious. The bed was a little tall so if you’re short be prepared to do a little hop. On the one side of the bed was an iPod dock that was compatible with an iPhone. (Info on using your iPhone in Mexico) If you have two phones, be prepared to bring a power strip because there aren’t many outlets in the room.


The balcony

On the other side of the couch there’s a big jacuzzi tub and the exit to the balcony. The balcony had a bed and also a table. If you order room service for breakfast, ask your server to bring your breakfast out onto the balcony. It’s a great way to start the day. The jacuzzi has windows that open onto the balcony if you want a breeze. I will say that when I used the jacuzzi the jets were inconsistent and turned off and on randomly. In the end I switched them to off rather than being shocked when they went on for another cycle. I’m sure I could have asked maintenance to take a look but it was my last night and I wouldn’t be using it again.

The Bathroom


View of the sinks

The bathroom was very open to the room. The sinks are located directly behind the bed and a great number of toiletries are supplied so you don’t necessarily need to pack toothpaste or shampoo unless you have a special one you prefer. To the left of the sink is the shower area and behind it is the toilet.

Shower area

The shower area as viewed from the room

The shower here is AMAZING. There are two shower heads, one handheld and one rain shower. The area is beautiful and I wish I could have brought it home with me. Two potential drawbacks: Should you share a room with a friend or family member there is little privacy and the glass door is not watertight so put down a mat so you don’t slip and fall.

The toilet room has a glass door on it but only part of the door is frosted and the room is filled with marble tiles so it turns into an echo chamber. If you’re sensitive about your toilet habits, you may want to ask your partner to step outside but it really wasn’t a problem for me or my husband.

The Pool

Rooftop Pool

The pool and one of the beds

I’m sure you’re all wondering about that rooftop pool and how amazing it is. I can say that it really made the trip. In the picture above you can see that both the fountain and the jets are on. The fountains turned off or on with the push of a button. The jets were a little more confusing. I could tell they went off and on by some sort of timer but the schedule never made much sense to me. Sometimes they would be on when we woke in the morning, sometimes they were already shut off  when we came back for a late-afternoon siesta, while other times they didn’t shut off until well after dark. Right in front of the jets was a bench area. If you sat on the bench you’d be submerged up to just your lower back. If you walked around in the pool it came up to just below the hip but you could sit on the bottom with your head out. The pool wasn’t heated and even in the first week of May with outside temperatures in the high 80s/low 90s it was a bit cool some days. Any earlier in the season and I wouldn’t suggest the room.

Rooftop Pool

The pool and two of the beds with the shower in the background

Also on top of your room we found 3 beds and a rooftop shower. The shower was nice to clean off in and the beds were good for a siesta. I do wish that one of the beds had an umbrella or some kind of shade on top but when the heat of the day happened we just shifted down to the bed on the balcony.

The Amenities

Mini fridge

The minifridge

The room had a mini fridge inside with some basic items. In case you can’t see the back row of the bottom shelf, it had coke, diet coke, fanta orange, sprite, and Crystal. We had water, Corona, v8 and orange juice in there as well and in the door were peanut M&Ms, a Snickers bar, and Oreos. The person that stocks the mini bar comes in at a separate time than room service so if you spend any time in your room during the mornings or afternoons you may miss your restocking person. Also, the sodas are in glass containers and it may be hard for you to find the bottle opener. Helpful hint: ours was in the bathroom attached to the wall.

The room included a safe, robes, and slippers to wear. Take advantage of the slippers on humid days as the tile floors get quite slick.

X-box in room


The room also comes with an Excellence box, or X-box for short. After you get room service you can put your food inside it and it is supposed to be emptied out. For about 2 or 3 days ours was not emptied though and we had to alert housekeeping of the dishes inside. There were a couple slips like that, our minibar wasn’t always refilled and we didn’t get turndown service twice. These were the only slips in service during our entire stay.

Overall the room was beautiful and amazing. I liked our location in building 1 because it meant we were close to dinner and the bars and the lazy river. It was a bit of a walk to the ocean but we hardly minded that. Tomorrow I’ll give you a full breakdown of the grounds and where all those locations are in the scheme of things.

Don’t miss a post! Check out my reviews of the resort, the food, Cinco de Mayo, and how I planned this trip.

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