Mexican Vacation: The Resort

I talked about my room at Excellence Playa Mujeres yesterday but now I want to discuss the grounds of the resort itself.

The Pools

View from room

Guests floating on the lazy river in front of the cabanas

The resort has 7 pools, many of which have separate jacuzzis or in-pool whirlpools. The most popular pools were the lazy river and the main pool. The lazy river is the laziest river since it doesn’t truly push you along but it does circle the hotel’s spa. The popular hammocks in the resort are partially over this pool. The Revive Bar services this area and you can get poolside beverage service. There are many chairs, umbrellas, and even cabanas around this area. My favorite part of this pool was grabbing one of the floating loungers and grabbing hold as I journeyed around the river. I favored this pool because it was usually calm and relaxing and very quiet.

Pool area

The main pool and a whirlpool

The main pool is the closest to the beach. It also has the hammocks in it that are surprisingly easy to climb into. The reason this pool is so popular is that it has the swim-up pool bar inside it. For guests who prefer to sit in lounge chairs, there’s also beverage services provided by the staff. The pool here also goes underneath The Lobster House and The Grill restaurants but it also goes beyond those boundaries and past the hotel rooms. The main pool usually has music playing and more activities nearby so if you like a fun time then this is the pool for you.

My only complaint about the pools? They shut down around 8 PM or earlier to add chemical treatments. I love a good nighttime swim so I was a bit disappointed but we were often so busy at night that we didn’t notice much of a loss.

The Ocean


The beach at sunset

Many people had given reviews of the resort and had implied the beach at Excellence Playa Mujeres wasn’t that great. I disagree with those reviewers. The water is shallow, the beach is sandy, and the water is generally clear. During our May vacation it was quite windy the first two days but the waves weren’t overwhelming. It was great to walk in but like many resorts people seem to prefer the pools over the ocean. There was some sea grass but they cleared it often. Naturally, there was a storm out at sea before our last day and it did drag in the sea grass. This was the worst it got our entire trip:

Beach and Hobie Cats

The beach with sea grass and hobie cats

It wasn’t bad but it did ruin a few photos. We had no problem walking past it and swimming out in the water beyond the line of grass and weren’t bothered at all. As you can see above, there are hobie cats in the background and in a moment of weakness we decided to rent one (for free! just have some tip money for the workers) and learn about boating. We hadn’t been on one before so we were given a 10-minute lesson and then left to our own devices. It was hard work, you will get soaked, and in the end we realized that maybe we were better suited to swim than to boat. Still, it was a memorable experience for us.

The Grounds


The resort grounds


There are some shops on the lower level of the main lobby building. One was a duty free shop full of sunglasses, another had jewelry, and the other was a typical gift shop. If you wanted gifts for friends and family back home then the prices were fairly reasonable. If you needed something you forgot like sunscreen then the prices were a little outrageous. Trust me- pack plenty of sunscreen, aloe, and a spare pair of sunglasses if yours decide to break like mine did.


Game area

Game area

The resort had plenty of options to stay busy. There were tennis courts, a fitness center, and beach volleyball. Most days there was a chance to play blackjack or poker by the pools. If you like relaxing activities then check out yoga on the grounds. If you like beach activities like taking a hobie cat out, you can also try kayaking, snorkeling, or scuba diving. The bars had bingo, the pools had dance time, and there was also a place to play ping pong or pool. There are plenty of things to do around the resort and you can get a schedule of the next day’s activities at turndown service each night.



The final set of gates for the resort

The resort is quite safe. We had to pass through three separate guarded gates before we reached the main entrance of our resort. Despite the violence you might be hearing about in Mexico, we felt safe our entire vacation. Once at the resort I never felt worried at all about our safety. If you choose to leave the resort for an excursion then you might want to take appropriate precautions but the resort is not in a danger zone.

Also, if you’re worried about things like the water safety I can say you’re safe there too. All water on-site is treated so you can shower and brush your teeth in comfort. For drinking water it’s filtered yet again and bottled water is available everywhere. I have a very sensitive stomach and I never once had any problems with the food or drinks on the property.

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