Mexican Vacation: The Entertainment

Excellence Playa Mujeres had many evening entertainment options but they weren’t overly cheesy. Nearly every night there was a band playing music in front of CafeKafe and people could mingle, drink, or dance. On weekends, expect just more music and dancing and fewer shows. During the week is when the fun really begins.

The Shows

Caribbean Night


Jamaican drummers at Caribbean Night

The Caribbean Night show confused me more than anything. It seemed to just use skimpy clothing and then label the costumes as representing a country. At least for Jamaica they used the country’s colors and drums but I’m fairly certain Colombia isn’t just represented by women in schoolgirl outfits. We left this show early but I do want to point out that the best part of Caribbean Night actually came before the show. They had a party on the beach with food and drinks and live music beforehand. Since my husband and I ate an early dinner, we walked down to The Lounge and sipped cocktails while listening to the music. It was romantic and relaxing and the band pulled off a fun version of Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance.

Casino Night

Casino Night started early with guests playing cards in front of CafeKafe. After a winner was declared, guests headed to the theatre for a Magician show. It was full of self-deprecating humor and while it wasn’t anything amazing it was amusing, especially after a few drinks.

Matrix Circus

Cirque Night

Crazy strong men at Cirque Night

The “cirque” night recently got a makeover. Inside the show there was a juggler, a hula hooper, and 2 men who did both trapeze work and were “strong men”, both those acts were easily the best of the night. The trapeze work was a little scary considering the stage is so small but the lifting part of the show made me look at my paltry 3 lb workout weights with shame.

Michael Jackson

I had been told on TripAdvisor that this show was a can’t-miss and it actually lived up to my expectations. This is a montage type performance with about 5 or so top Michael Jackson songs being performed. Have an early dinner and get here early because the theatre fills up fast. There was a lot of dancing, a lot of singing, and a lot of cheering. Even my normally stoic husband got into the show but that also might have been the alcohol helping him out.

Cinco de Mayo

Cinco de Mayo on the Beach

Cinco de Mayo beach party

Go figure that a Mexican resort would have a lot of fun up its sleeve for Cinco de Mayo. For lunch on the beach they had a buffet with Mexican favorites. Servers were walking around offering both tequila cocktails and Mexican-flag inspired frozen drinks to guests. I may have enjoyed both.

Cocktail at Cinco de Mayo on the Beach

Cinco de Mayo drink

After the food there was a beach party. We actually missed out on most of it because we had gotten up early and were already exhausted but there was plenty of Corona, tequila, and music to go around. After the beach party they had Latin dancing lessons in the theatre area.

For dinner, they had the special meal at Agave featuring the tequila shots, special appetizers, custom made salsa and guacamole, and plenty of margaritas. After dinner the Son Caribeño band played a fun mix of Mexican music, American covers, and even a Selena song. After music the Michael Jackson show played and then when it ended there was more dancing and drinking. I’m not sure how the locals celebrate Cinco de Mayo but I’d like to think they had as much fun as we did.

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