Tax Day

Many of you may have been granted a reprieve with tax day being pushed back till today. Maybe after completing your taxes you were also granted an extra bit of cash. If you’ve budgeted just the right way, maybe you’ve got some extra money to take a vacation with. If you’re looking to take a tax refund vacation, Jaunted has you covered. They’ve created a list with 7 great vacation spots that cost the amount of the average refund check. Here are our favorites:


Hanauma Bay

Jaunted suggests taking an affordable cruise, visiting a UNESCO World Heritage site, or just sitting on the beach to keep your trip costs low. Check out Voyage Prive’s deal on a 3-bedroom villa. 3 nights start at just $999, join here.


introducing amalfi

Look to sites like Gate1Travel for trips to the Amalfi Coast. I recommend a B&B package where you tour the Italian countryside for less than $1800.


Cliffs of Moher

Believe it or not, Ireland can be a very affordable option if you get a good airfare deal. Sceptre Tours offers an Ireland package for 6 nights in a private villa, entrance to the Cliffs of Moher and the Blarney Castle. Packages start at just $899.


Hopefully you’ll see that you don’t have to get a giant refund check to afford a nice trip. Maybe your refund is small because you got all your deductions right this year and you’ve stored it away in a savings account. With this bad economy, I know it might be hard to get any refund at all. Don’t despair, you can still take a trip for less than $500 because it isn’t just those with a refund check that deserve a nice trip.

Update: The Travel Channel just came out with their own ideas on where to spend your refund check. I’m loving their ideas, especially New Orleans and Amsterdam. Whose list do you think is better, Jaunted or Travel Channel?

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