London Week: The London Pass

If you’re visiting London, it’s likely you’re already spending a lot of money to tour the city. Why pay more than you have to? One way to help save is the The London Pass . Better yet, pair it up with the London Travelcard to save even more.

The London Pass

How It Works

Travel around London with the London Pass and you don’t have to pay to get into any of the 55 attractions it covers. Your card is your admission and wherever you visit they swipe it and you go in without paying any cash at the exhibits. You can visit

What You See

Your pass covers 55 different attractions around the city. Of the Top 10 London Attractions we featured yesterday, only Buckingham Palace and the Houses of Parliament aren’t covered or already free. The card also includes discounts for shops and restaurants in the area.

What You Pay

You get to choose how many days you want your London Pass to be active for and then you pay the cost per day. For adults, 1 day costs £43 and 6 days costs £84 and rates vary between. Make sure to make the most of a day to save the most money-no matter what time of day you activate your card, it takes the full day off your card schedule so get up early and do a lot.

How You Save

Here is a list of normal rates for London attractions. If you think you can do 3 things in 1 day, you already save.

London Pass Attractions Normal Adult Entry Price
Tower of London £18.00
London River Cruise £13.50
London Bridge Experience £23.00
Windsor Castle £16.50
Hampton Court Palace £14.50
London Zoo £18.60
Westminster Abbey £16.00

Not only do you save money, you save time. With the London pass you get to skip the lines and enter ahead of the crowds. In a city with so much to see, time can be your most valuable resource.

London Travelcard

London bus

How It Works

London has many public transport options including bus, rail, trams, and the tube. With the London Travelcard, you can ride any and all of them in zones 1-6 (the majority of the city).

If you buy a 6 day London Pass, you’ll get a 7 day Travelcard to make sure you can get around town safely before your big tourist days. If you fly into Heathrow or London City Airport and have your card delivered ahead of time to your home, you can use your card to travel to your hotel for free via public transit.

What You Pay

Adults pay only £7 more a ticket when you add the Travelcard onto the 1-day London Pass. Children are only £3 more. Children under 11 are free if you have a travelcard, with the exception of rides on the London Rail.

What You Save

A regular tube ticket costs £4.00, a bus ticket is £2.00. With all the transfers and moving around you’ll be doing, you’ll save almost immediately.


Purchase the London Pass and Travelcard at London Pass and use discount code londpas05 for a 5% savings.

Visit London with a London Pass

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