Take 10 Tuesday: Tablet’s Top 10

Tablet, a booking site featured previously for its exclusive deals, has just published Tablet10: Top Ten New Hotels. The magazine offers pages of photographs, interviews with hotel staff, useful content on the hotels, and of course a full breakdown of the year’s Top 10 New Hotels. We’ve got the info on who they chose and a few reasons you might love them too.


New York City, New York, USA

Ace Hotel New York Room

Image Credit: Tablet

We’ve featured the Ace Hotel previously as one of the Top 10 Girlfriend Getaways. It’s rooms are small but done in the hipster aesthetic and are located right in the heart of the New York nightlife. Right now Tablet is offering a discount: Book 2 nights, save 15%; book 3-4 nights, save 20%; book 5+ nights, save 25%.


Matera, Basilicata, Italy

Sextantio Le Grotte Della Civita

Image Credit: Tablet

In the village of Matera, many homes are actually carved into the Paleolithic hillsides surrounding the town. Sextiano Le Grotte Della Civita seeks to fit right into the natural landscape quite literally. Many rooms are sunken into the natural and carved caves of the volcanic hillsides and are outfit with the best of amenities. This hotel is one a history lover must stay in. Stay at least 2 nights and save 20%.


Beijing, China

The Opposite House China

Image Credit: Tablet

The Opposite House is a modern hotel in a modernizing city. It’s claim to fame is the beautiful green glass exterior. The hotel makes use of natural materials, modern elements and bathtubs to appeal to its guests. The main floor of the hotel is a gallery and the hotel sits right in the heart of the commercial and fashion districts of Sanlitun Village. Right now you can stay 4 nights and pay for 3.


Cartagena , Colombia

Tcherassi Hotel + Spa in Colombia

Image Credit: Tablet

The bones of Tcherassi Hotel are remains from the Spanish Colonial era but inside you’ll find the old mixed with the new. Unfinished stone walls are paired against luxurious bedding and balconies now overlook small pools instead of courtyards. The hotel is small and intimate yet full of luxury and history.


Perugia, Italy

Torre di Moravola infinity pool

Image Credit: Tablet

Torre di Moravola is a thousand years old and yet still a new hotel. Confused? Well, technically it’s a 1000 year old hilltop watchtower that has recently been converted into a boutique hotel. Don’t worry about the hotel being too old-fashioned for you though. The owners are a husband and wife architect and designer team that have made this intimate hotel into something luxurious. To top it off, instead of the roof being used to watch for enemies it now features an infinity pool with amazing views of the world around you. Right now you can stay 4 nights and pay for 3.


Lake Powell, Utah

Amangiri Utah Resort

Image Credit: Tablet

Amangiri is the resort that won my heart over from the first photo I saw. The more I read about this place and its bedroom fireplaces, desert views and gorgeous pool surrounding natural rock formations, the more I fall in love. Amangiri is truly an oasis in the desert. It’s right at the heart of the four corners with beautiful nature considered in every element of its design. This is a resort that stands above most other resorts in the States.


Prague, Czech Republic

The Augustine Hotel

Image Credit: Tablet

The Augustine is named for its historic tenants. In a nod to history, one of the buildings of this hotel was a 13th century Augustinian monastery while other parts of the hotel feature iron doors, terra-cotta roofs, and frescoes. Beer was another historical element to this monastery so the bars (complete with seventeenth century stalactites and stalagmites) are themed around the old tenants and beer even makes an appearance on the spa treatment menu. Stay 3 nights or more and save 33%.


Monroyo, Aragón, Spain

Consolacion Hotel

Image Credit: Tablet

Consolación is a sleek and modern retreat in the empty landscape of Spain. If you’re looking for a getaway in an undeveloped area without the typical bed and breakfast style retreat or a tropical beach, this hotel is perfect for you. Rooms here are cubes with a glass wall overlooking the valley below. If you don’t want to feel completely alone, the hotel has a library, pool, “garage”, bar, terraces, and restaurant to keep you busy.


Bonn, Germany

Hotel Kameha Grand Bonn

Image Credit: Tablet

This luxury hotel is anything but ordinary. The Kameha Grand uses ironic theming to appeal to both hipsters and business travelers looking for something beyond the usual. There are game suites with toys inside, workaholic rooms featuring large workspaces, and ladies suites with dainty details and flattering lights. While the interiors and exterior are gorgeous, it’s the infinity pool over the Rhine that will take your breath away.


Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Qasr Al Sarab Desert Resort

Image Credit: Tablet

Qasr al Sarab peers above sand dunes and makes its mark of luxury in the desert. Rooms here come with sunken tubs and the pool in the middle of it all is a top attraction. Not a hotel to shy away from splurges, you can go on camel rides or enjoy sand exfoliating in the spa. This kind of luxury was even enjoyed by Angelina Jolie, the first guest of their Presidential suite. At night, the only stars you’ll see are the ones in the empty sky above you.

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