Pompeii in New York

In 79 AD, Mount Vesuvius erupted killing thousands. In 1599, the town of Pompeii was rediscovered. No one knew the historical impact of this discovery until Giuseppe Fiorelli took over excavations in the 19th century. Under his watch, fresco was injected into the hollow spaces leaving behind statues of the bodies of those who died. These figures have since become known as “ash casts.”

Since then, Pompeii has become a tourist spot with people flocking to see the agonizing last moments of its former residents. Nearly 2.6 million people visit the city each year and Vesuvius National Park was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Recently, the artifacts of Pompeii have hit the road. “Pompeii the Exhibit: Life and Death in the Shadow of Vesuvius” is an exhibit at Discovery Times Square in New York. It opened Friday, March 4 and seeks to show not just the death of those who lived in Pompeii but also tell of their lives.

More than 250 artifacts here show how the people of Pompeii lived before their lives were taken. They had statues to deities, money to buy things, artwork and graffiti. Even a brothel is brought back to life in this exhibit; after all, the city had over 30 of them.

One room simulates what the people must have gone through during the eruptions. After the graphic demonstration, you’ll be taken to a room where the ash casts are. Bodies are crouched and huddled, with many of them children caught in the last moments of their short life. Even the pets were taken and their casts made. It’s a chilling exhibit that shows just how powerful the volcano’s wave of destruction was.

Pompeii exhibit Discovery Times Square New York

Image Credit: Discovery Times Square

If you’re looking for a reason to go beyond the history, art, or science side, think of this as an act of preservation. Pompeii has recently been vandalized, suffered from serious neglect and lack of repairs, and has had a building collapse. Funds from this exhibit will help finance future preservation of these artifacts and the city that once was.

Dates: March 4, 2011 – September 5, 2011
Hours: 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM, last admission 1 hour before close
Location: Discovery Time Square, Manhattan, New York, New York
Tickets: $25 for adults/$19.50 for kids/$22.50 for seniors; Watch for special offers

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