Baseball Week: San Francisco

Baseball’s Opening Day is Thursday so in honor of this unofficial holiday, we’ll be paying a bit of homage to America’s past-time with a few posts themed around the week.

Today’s post honors the 2010 World Series Winners- The San Francisco Giants. Here are 5 Things you won’t want to miss while in San Francisco.

1. AT&T Park

AT&T Park, San Francisco

(Image Credit: StartAgain)

What’s baseball week without a baseball stadium? AT&T Park is home to these hometown champs and seeing a game here can bring all sorts of thrills. If you aren’t a Giants fan but want to see a good game, check their team schedule and see when your favorites are in town. Tickets start at just $11. The family zone inside and the amazing concession options make this place a hit even if the team isn’t winning that day. If a game isn’t your thing, check out the stadium tour options.

2. Golden Gate Bike Ride

Golden Gate Bridge

(Personal Photo)

What better way to see San Francisco than riding a bike through it? During a trip I took here in 2007 we decided to rent bikes through Bay City Bike when other plans fell through (see below). That afternoon was my favorite of the trip. We picked up bikes at Fisherman’s Wharf and biked past all the scenic areas of the bay coast until we biked (or in my wimpy case, walked) up a winding hill. Once at the top, we rode our bikes slowly across the Golden Gate Bridge, stopping to take pictures and admire the view. The bike path was a little crowded and it made riding a bit tricky at times but it was fun.

Departing Saucalito via ferry

(Personal Photo)

Once we had our thrill on the bridge, we moved on to the next portion of our trip: 2 miles downhill into Sausalito. It was a bit windy so we took breaks to ensure we didn’t run anyone off the trail but once at the bottom we were rewarded with a beautiful city. We ate lunch in town and rested after our 8 mile ride. I was still in recovery mode from an illness and I managed the trip just fine. Once we were done in Sausalito, we rode a ferry back to the wharf and returned our bikes. TIP: Reserve online and save 10% on your rental fee.

3. Alcatraz


(Personal photo)

Alcatraz is the most popular attraction in San Francisco so be sure to book a trip ahead of time. My family assumed there would be no problem booking a place during our 3 days in the city and yet it turned out every spot was full due to high tourism and school trips. There are both day and night tours available and the former prison tour includes a ferry trip and a full history lesson. Guests highly recommend the audio tour while you get a hand on tour of the building and its cells. TIP: To save money call ahead to (415) 981-ROCK (7625) and ask about tickets for the Family plan. You might receive a small discount on tickets if your party has 2 adults and 2 children.

4. Golden Gate Park

Golden Gate Park

(Personal Photo)

This is a beautiful park and a perfect way to see some hidden beauty in the city. Golden Gate Park is a calm area of town wedged between Ocean Beach and the historic Haight-Ashbury District. All are worth seeing but Golden Gate Park shines above the surrounding areas with its Japanese Tea Garden, entertainment options, and wide open spaces.

Reading in Golden Gate Park

(Personal Photo)

During my 2007 San Francisco trip, I spent a portion of the afternoon reading in the grass (for those interested it was the newly released final Harry Potter book, who can blame me?) while my brothers threw a frisbee around.

5. Lombard Street


(Image Credit: Rich Haig)

Lombard Street holds the distinction as being labeled “The Crookedest Street in the World” with 8 hairpin turns in a steep one-block area. The distinction of this area has led to it becoming a one-way street that has a 5 mph speed limit. In addition to car traffic, this area is visited by the Powell-Hyde Cable Car line and pedestrians. In between all the turns you’ll see some beautiful houses and flowers. TIP: Get here before noon to avoid a traffic jam in the area. If you get here before 10 AM you’ll be nearly alone on the street so consider that prime photo time.

Want to see more photos from my San Francisco trip? Check out my flickr page!

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