Take 10 Tuesday: Top 10 Disney Meals

I talked a big talk yesterday about Disney’s Counter Service and Table Service meal options. But now here comes the tough part: What were the top dishes of the trip? I couldn’t make these decisions without my trusty husband and his expert palette by my side so we sat down together and brainstormed. After hours of battles and death matches we finally made this list of our favorite Disney dishes:

10. Chocolate Croissant, Multiple Locations

chocolate croissant
This was my nomination. I’m sure you’re confused because you didn’t see this pop up on my food reviews but this one is a snack credit meal. You’ll see them all over Disney though I got mine from Main Street Bakery and Pepper Market. Buttery dough, chocolate inside and out and topped with powdered sugar? Yes please!

9. Triple Chocolate Cake, Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe

Triple Chocolate Cake
I didn’t even realize this was a hit but my husband said it had to make the list. I believe his exact words were “like a brownie, with icing, and then sprinkles” and his eyes glazed over and I lost him to memories of long ago.

8. Apple Tart, Liberty Tree Tavern

Liberty Tree Tavern

It doesn’t take much to win me over and nothing will do it faster than a good apple dish that reminds me of the Southern cooking I wish someone would cook for me. I think I love Disney just for cooking so I didn’t have to. I liked this dish so much though, I attempted to make it at home.

7. Four Cheese Pizza, Wolfgang Puck Express

Four Cheese Pizza

Pesto. Mozzarella cheese.  Fontina cheese. Parmesan cheese. Goat cheese. I shouldn’t even have to say more. Just know this: every pizza I make at home now includes pesto and goat cheese with fresh mozzarella. Because everyone should eat this pizza every day. This is my nomination and I don’t share.

6. Bacon Wrapped Meatloaf, Wolfgang Puck Cafe

Meatloaf at Wolfgang Puck's

This was my husband’s first table service meal at Disney and one of his favorites. For a meat and potatoes kind of man, he couldn’t resist the charms of mashed potatoes, meatloaf, and the bacon wrapped around that meatloaf. Another hit from that guy Wolfgang.

5. Lemon Sorbetti, Tutto Italia

Tutto Italia

The one that started it all. After my husband had this sorbetti, he went down a dark road in life where he ate 6 more sorbet options on the trip. At home he requested I make sorbet in the ice cream maker and I delivered upon him my own strawberry and apple sorbets. He appears to remain unsatisfied until the lemon sorbetti returns to his life.

Tie: 3/4: St. Louis Ribs/Pulled Pork Sandwich, Flame Tree Barbecue

Flame Tree Barbecue

We both insist our dish was the best and neither will cave to pressure. I hate pork and I gobbled down those ribs. The ribs were huge and amazing! No fat! His pulled pork was tender with a mix of rub and sauce. It’s a sandwich! Sandwiches are awesome! As you can see, we are at an impasse.

2. New York Strip Steak, Le Cellier

Le Cellier Steak

Coming together in an act of unity, my husband and I each place our steaks from Le Cellier in the #2 spot. I would like to think mine was better because it was medium rare but I may still be bitter about the #3/#4 tie. The steak was juicy, flavorful and tender. The presentation was perfection.

1. Grilled Beef Tenderloin, The Wave

The Wave: Beef Tenderloin

In an upset, and by joint decision, the beef tenderloin at The Wave was the overwhelming winner. We still talk about that dish. I made a beef tenderloin for my husband’s birthday this year in honor of that dish. Beef tenderloin is my favorite cut of meat and the chefs here made the perfect dish to compliment the perfect cut of meat. The Wave wins.

Think we got something wrong? Ready to confess your Disney Dining love affair? Let us know your favorite dishes in the comments.

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