Superbowl State

This year’s Superbowl is being held at the hometown of the Dallas Cowboys. Texas has plenty of fun things to experience all year long. Here are 5 Things you won’t want to miss this year in Texas.

1. Dallas World Aquarium (February)

The Dallas World Aquarium

Get rid of the mid-winter blues by coming to a place full of color. This is a combination of a zoo, an aquarium, and an aviary. You’ll see more animals and creatures than you bargained for. This is a great weekday stop to visit, perfect for escaping whatever the weather is doing outside this week.

2. Kite Festival (March)

Kite Festival (1 of 15)

The Zilker Park Kite Festival is America’s oldest continuous kite festival. On March 6, 2011, come on out to Austin, Texas to fly a kite or watch the other guests fly their own. There are kite-making workshops, kites for sale, and even a kite contest.

3. South Padre Island (May)


The beach here stretches for miles and with the close proximity to Mexico, you get a tropical feel right in America. This is a perfect spot for a calm, relaxing beach vacation. May is the best time to visit because you’ll miss the spring break and summer crowds and you’ll be in before hurricane season. May is a warm time in Texas so you’ll have plenty of chances to sunbathe and swim.

4. Rockbox Theater (November)

In Fredericksburg you might not expect to find a riveting rock & roll show but Rockbox Theater is the #1 Texas attraction according to TripAdvisor users. This rock show uses the same cast each week but manages to mix it up and bring a new show to the stage each time. November is a great time to visit as they sneak the holidays into their performances and add in some soul to the show.

5. River Walk (December)

Winter on the Riverwalk

From experience I can say my favorite time of year to visit the San Antonio River Walk is over the Christmas holiday. While it’s open year-round, there’s something about the lights and decorations at Christmas that bring a smile to your face. You can spend an evening here dining, shopping, grabbing drinks, and riding a gondola through the waterways.

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