Photo Friday: Flashback to 1983

In 1983, my parents visited Walt Disney World for the first time. It was Epcot’s first summer being open when they went and took their trip. They had been married for nearly 3 years and now they’ve been married for 30. Today’s Photo Friday focuses on some now and thens and a few updates to the photos they took. All the photos in this post are personal photos, taken by myself or a family member. You can see the full flashback album on my Flickr page.

The Couple in 1983:
Magic Kingdom sit-1

The Couple in 2007:
2007 Trip-1

I appreciate that my father has moved onto longer shorts and shorter hair, though I assure you his sense of style has not changed.

Magic Kingdom

Main Street Magic Kingdom in 1983:
Magic Kingdom Main Street-1

Main Street Magic Kingdom in 2010:

Space Mountain in 1983:
Space Mountain

Space Mountain in 2010:
Space Mountain


Train Station in 1983:
Magic Kingdom Train-1

Train Station in 2010:
Train Station

How great was it that we both got the train in those shots. Mickey has changed a bit as well.


Spaceship Earth in 1983:
Mom @ Epcot

Spaceship Earth in 2007:
2007 Epcot

Spaceship Earth in 2010:

Norway Italy in Epcot in 1983: (Thanks EpcotNRG for the correction!)

Norway Italy in Epcot in 2007 featuring my youngest brother:
Brother in 2007

Mexico Pavilion in 1983:

My husband and I at the Mexico Pavilion in 2010:

China at Epcot in 1983:

China at Epcot in 2007:


It amazes me how the more things change, the more they stay the same. My parents went to Disney just before their third wedding anniversary and without even knowing it, my husband and I planned a trip to Disney right before our third wedding anniversary. We captured many of the same photos and because of that, you can see Disney transform before your eyes. Vacation photos aren’t just a way to document your experiences, they’re a way to capture the changing world around you.

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  • Jenni Mangrum

    In the Norway photo from 1983 notice how small the evergreen trees are in the background and the 2007 photo shows what I’m sure are the same trees which have filled out quite well!

    • julie

      I noticed that too! You can see some change in Cinderella’s Castle and the background trees at China too.