Disney’s Coronado Springs

During my visit to Walt Disney World, I stayed at the Coronado Springs Resort. Here’s my take on the resort and all the info you need to know to book your own stay.


Front of Hotel

The main lobby area is in El Centro. It contains the check-in area, guest services, a git shop, Café Rix, Rix Lounge, the Pepper Market and the Maya Grill. It is decorated beautifully with a gorgeous fountain and domed ceiling. The gift shop contains many basic Disney souvenirs along with Coronado themed ones. It also has small snacks inside as well as a cigar area.



Since Coronado Springs is a moderate resort, most rooms here come with 2 queen beds or 1 king bed. We requested a king bed and ended up with a handicapped accessible king room in Ranchos 7B. Rooms at Coronado Springs belong to buildings themed around different southwestern housing styles. The options are Casitas, Cabanas, and Ranchos.

Ranchos v2
Ranchos v1

Each section has its own quiet pool and appropriately themed decor. Our room at Ranchos 7B was close to the quiet pool and a bus stop but quite far from the main building. It wasn’t much of a walk to the main pool though. I was a little disappointed with our room’s location so next time I’ll do more research to find out about the buildings. My stay in 2007 was in the Cabanas section and I preferred that area a bit more. Here’s a map of the layout of the resort so you can research which location is right for your family.


Pepper Market

As mentioned above, El Centro contains 4 dining options: Café Rix, Rix Lounge, the Pepper Market and the Maya Grill. I often grabbed sodas and snacks from Café Rix and I ate at the Pepper Market twice, which you can read about here. I really liked the Pepper Market and think it can be a great place for families to dine at. I also ate ate at Maya Grill during my 2007 Disney trip and remember it as one of the best meals of the trip. Their seafood skillet appetizer is AMAZING and my own father said the steak he got here was the best of his trip. The Rix Lounge is an adults only bar. Over by the pool, Siestas has fast snacks and drinks.


Swimming Pool

This is half the reason I returned to Coronado Springs. I only used it twice on this trip so I’m disappointed in myself for not enjoying it more. The pool at Coronado Springs is a beauty to behold. It represents a dig site of the Mayan ruins and even has a morning sun ceremony to open it. There’s also a jaguar slide, a small kiddie area, and a hot tub. Nearby there is a playground and arcade.

Swimming Pool v3

The pool is heated, which came in quite handy during our cool March vacation. The water would give off a wave of steam in the crisp night air but it was very comfortable to relax in. Just have something warm to throw on when you get out or learn to run fast back to your room. While our room area did have a quiet pool, it wasn’t heated and didn’t have the beauty of the main pool. In nicer weather, I’ve seen the main pool have sports and fun events going on.

The Grounds

The grounds here are my second favorite part of this resort. All the activities and rooms are spread around the 15 acre lake in the middle. There are hammocks where you can relax and even paddle boats to rent in the warmer months. You can also rent bikes and ride around checking out all the hidden areas. As the sun sets, twinkling lights make the whole resort glow. The theming here is more subtle than at some of the value resorts but it surrounds you and makes you part of its world.

Coronado Springs

The resort is so big that there are 4 bus stops spread around the outside of it. Most buses stop at bus stops 1 or 2 first and they circle all the stops before exiting for their destination. You can also use the buses just to head to the opposite side of the resort. Our room was near bus stop 3 and even in the busy spring break season we never had a problem getting a ride to where we were going.


The Caballeros

I love Coronado Springs and find it to be a beautiful resort. I would gladly return to it, though I do feel on my next stay I’d be more likely to try a Deluxe resort or a resort a touch closer to Epcot since that’s my favorite park. I would highly recommend it for anyone looking for some beauty and relaxation during a Disney trip. While it is kid friendly, I tend to think this resort is even better for adults.

(All photos in this post are personal, please feel free to use with credit)

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