Disney Trip Report: Day 7 and Departure

Our last day in the Disney Parks was March 22 and our flight departed on March 23. We made the most of those last few hours and did a great many things. Here’s how we finished off the trip. All the photos in this post are personal so feel free to use with credit.

Magic Kingdom

Cinderella's Castle

After Extra Magic Hours the night before, we were exhausted. The day before had been very rough on us. We slept in and arrived at Magic Kingdom right in time for our 11:30 lunch reservation at Liberty Tree Tavern. We chowed down and I grabbed a gift for my mom as thanks for watching my demon dog while I was out of town. I picked her up the Delicious Disney Cookbook since I knew she loved the food the last time she was at Disney. I regret not grabbing one for myself though I still might buy one in the future. I have a decade old cookbook from Disney parks but I want a nice book of the recipes like the ones found on AllEars.

Move It, Shake It, Celebrate It Parade

After grabbing my cookbook, we attempted to leave the park but the Move It! Shake It! Celebrate It! parade blocked our path. We are not parade people or crowd people so we looked at each other like frightened bunnies but I decided to make the most of being trapped and grabbed some great snapshots. So if you get caught by a crowd, think about grabbing your camera to document some Disney memories.


Once the parade passed by, we darted out the exit and headed for the monorail. We had skipped the monorail all trip but today we were going to be all over the monorail loop. We were destined for Epcot so we took our time and had some fun on the quiet monorail tram.



Once we arrived, we decided to take it pretty easy. We walked around The Seas Pavilion and checked out all the fish and marine life. We also went for a ride on Spaceship Earth. The ride had gone through a huge makeover since I had last ridden on it and I love the new style.

Aladdin and Jasmine

We also went back through World Showcase, spending some time at places we had cruised through on Day 4 in an attempt to see everything. The crowds were much calmer than those on our last day in the park and we saw several more characters walking around. Each character likes to pop out in areas where they are from in World Showcase, so do your research and know where to look. For instance, I’ve seen Belle in the France area, Snow White in the Germany section, and Jasmine near Morocco.

Eating Kaki Gori at Epcot

We also detoured to Japan for some Kaki Gori. The name might make you want to skip eating it but it’s the best shaved ice in the parks and it usually counts as a snack for the meal plan. After I chowed that down, we decided we needed one more ride on Test Track. We hadn’t actually spent time in the line queue and we hadn’t planned ahead for a Fast Pass so we waited in line like normal people. With one last windblown adventure, it was time to say goodbye to Epcot and move on.

The Contemporary

We jumped aboard the monorail once more and journeyed over to The Contemporary Resort. This resort is very fun because the monorail actually cuts right inside the building. We were journeying here to eat dinner at The Wave. It was a last minute addition to our reservations and I know I keep saying food reviews will be next week but I’ll spoil you a tiny bit: these was our favorite meal of the entire trip. It was that good.

The Contemporary

We walked around a little bit and explored this resort and I’ve gotta say I was impressed. I was very jealous of the deluxe resort. At this point, our plan was to go back to the hotel, rest up, and then head back out to visit Hollywood Studios for Extra Magic Hours. However, we decided we’d had the perfect day and we were ready to let this be our final Disney memory. We went back to the room and caught up on some much needed sleep instead.

Departure Day

We woke up early for our early departure. The Disney Magical Express would be taking us to the airport and Southwest Airlines didn’t have the Disney pre-check in procedures in place yet. We still had a counter service meal left for both of us so we decided to grab breakfast in the Pepper Market. We each just wanted a drink and a pastry so we went to check out and the cast member working the register said it wasn’t a full meal so she only billed us for one meal. We didn’t need another so one meal went to waste there but for future reference, it may be possible to get two pastries and have it only count as one breakfast meal.

Our Magical Express took us over to the airport and dropped guests off at each gate. We did our checking in (it took way longer than my last trip out so thank goodness the bus drops you off early!) and waited for our plane to take us home.

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