Disney Trip Report: Day 5

By this point in the trip, we were exhausted. Did that mean we were slowing down? NO! Okay, maybe a little. We had late dinner reservations scheduled for Epcot and a wide open day beyond that. We’d seen every park at least a little and made the decision to return to one park in particular.

Magic Kingdom

We knew our first day at Disney hadn’t included all of Magic Kingdom so we decided to return once again. It was the weekend so the park was much more crowded than it had been our first day here. We had slept in a little so it was after 11 before we headed out for the day. What can I say, Epcot was exhausting. We got our bearings in the park and decided to go ahead and grab some lunch. We opted to use our sixth counter service meals for this stop at Cosmic Ray’s. It hit the spot and filled us up without stuffing us like turkeys.

It's a Small World

We set off on foot for a calm ride we could handle after eating. I knew exactly which ride to go on, it’s a small world. Somehow I thought the mind-numbing music/chanting, bright colors and lights, and brainwashing overtones would help settle the stomach. The ride was almost more than we could stomach, though I got the pictures I came to take. You just can’t do Disney without this ride, even if it does make you think the designers were using illicit drugs while making it.

After that, we moved on to Frontierland. We were enjoying the sunny day and decided to go for a ride on Splash Mountain. Fun fact: The first time I went to Magic Kingdom this ride was still beta testing so I couldn’t ride though I loved it from afar. While I finally got to ride in 2007, I really got to enjoy myself this time around. We rode Splash Mountain, then we rode Big Thunder Mountain Railroad to dry off. Then we grabbed Fast Passes for Big Thunder and waited in line to ride Splash Mountain. We got soaked and then came back and dried off again on Big Thunder. This is an effective strategy and a smart way to handle the park. I highly recommend doing something like this for rides you love.

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

At this point, we decided we had enough fun for the first part of our day. We decided to depart but before we did, we detoured into Main Street Bakery and picked up some snacks and drinks. We took the bus back to our hotel, relaxed a little, chowed down and changed into some dry clothes. We watched a little TV, checked out the weather forecast, and got ready for dinner.


Illuminations - Reflections of Earth

Dinner this night was at Le Cellier and it was set for 7:50. We arrived a little early and got seated a little early. I’ll save all the foodie stuff for next week’s post but it was yet another great meal. We ended our meal and walked out just in time for the firework show, IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth. We watched as we walked towards the exit. Without a prime viewing spot, we just took advantage of the views from the sky above us and worked on beating the crowds out of the park. It was a smart move. We got to the bus right as it was leaving and went back to our resort to rest up for the big day ahead of us.

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