Disney Trip Report: Day 4

For our fourth day of our trip, we headed over to Epcot. Both our meals were scheduled to be here so we made this an all-day thing. This was one of the best days of our trip and a very successful one. I’ll show you why.

Future World

We arrived at Epcot fairly early in the day but after the opening crowd. That’s our thing: we don’t like crowds but we do like Disney so we try to avoid entering and exiting the park when everyone else does. Sometimes we achieve success, other times we fail but we attempt to have fun either way. This day was one of the nicest weather of our entire trip. The sun was shining and it was a perfect temperature. Mid-March travel has its ups and downs but this was a success.


During March, the Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival goes on. It usually lasts through May or June and I actually don’t think I’ve ever been to Disney when it wasn’t going on. It makes the park even more beautiful and we spent part of the morning just exploring the colors and flowers. There are also concerts that go on during festival weekends but we didn’t attend any of those.

Club Cool

We had an 11:30 lunch reservation scheduled so we looked up Fast Pass return times, saw Test Track had an open time slot mid-afternoon and hurried over there to pick up our passes. We walked around exploring, visiting Innoventions and trying out the many Coca Cola drinks from around the world at Club Cool. My favorite was the watermelon from China. Tip: You know that person that starts to annoy you on your trip by about day 4? Casually offer them the Beverly. Their reaction will be worth it. Tip #2: Don’t try the Beverly unless you are glutton for punishment.

After washing out some unusual tastes from our mouths, we headed over to The Seas with Nemo and Friends and did a casual ride. Those kind of rides aren’t usually our thing but it was fun. Okay, plus we had some time to kill before lunch and this would lead us to the perfect spot inside the pavilion for lunchtime access. Lunch was at the Coral Reef and was fabulous. (Check back next week for the food reviews.) After a great lunch we still had plenty of time before our fast pass time so we decided to head out to World Showcase.


But then we saw it. Mission: Space with a wait time of 20 minutes. How could we pass that up? I insisted we couldn’t and dragged my husband over to it. No weaklings among us, I pulled him to the Orange Team entrance. Sure we had just eaten lunch but how bad could it be? Well, the other 2 people scheduled to be in our space capsule bailed minutes before take off. This wasn’t looking good. Husband and I climbed aboard our mission to Mars and took off. Those Gs can really get to you but we held strong and made it back to Earth. Husband seemed unsure about his footing and said maybe we should head to World Showcase and not do anything for a while.

World Showcase


If you’ve never been to Epcot, World Showcase can be quite a surprise. It’s sort of a World’s Fair, featuring art, architecture, ideas, shopping, and dining for 11 different countries. When you visit, it’s like a vacation inside a vacation. We visited the Mexico pavilion first, hoping to stick to the side of the park Test Track was on. We looked at the shops, watched people gulp down Tequila at the new Tequila Cave, and went for a liesurely ride on the Gran Fiesta Tour Starring The Three Caballeros. When we popped back out, we heard the music of the Mariachi Cobre.

Continuing on, we then stopped by the Norway Pavilion. We had some time so we hopped aboard Maelstrom, which usually has shorter lines earlier in the day and this day was no exception. While we were in this area, one cast member with a broom made some cool art with just water. If you take the time to stop and look around you at Disney, you never know what magic you may uncover.

Right around this time we checked the time and saw we could redeem our fast passes so off we went.

Future World

Test Track

We went to Test Track and handed over our passes and got in line. The Fast Pass line for this ride lets you skip the longest part of the line queue and you’re deposited out right at the end of the line queue area for regular wait times. You then merge with the regular line based on number of people and you cram into a room to watch a short video showing your mission. Doors open up and you pour into a much smaller line, one that moves quite quickly. The line is actually 2 lines, one for regular riders and one for single riders to fill in empty seats. They ask the number in your party, put you into your row and call out for single riders when necessary. After that you hop on board and begin your testing. You bump around, spin around, go in the hot and cold before flying outdoors at 60 mph. Husband felt better, declared this ride a success, and wanted to do it again. With a 70 minute line and a dinner reservation at 4:30 I nixed the idea. He looked crestfallen until we found a happy compromise: the single rider line. Rather than waiting with everyone else, we skipped ahead to the same area the fast pass had taken us to. Single riders have their own movie room and then you pop out right at the second line queue again. We ended up in separate cars but with only a 10 minute wait it was well worth it. But we did need to get to dinner.

World Showcase

Dinner was at Tutto Italia in the Italy section of the park so we walked past Mexico and Norway, and past China, the outpost and Germany to get to it. Dinner was nice and very fast so we hurried along then to the shops. We glanced at the ones in Italy and the American Adventure but we had a goal in mind: Japan.

My pearl

We spent a lot of time exploring the gardens and koi ponds around Japan. The Flower and Garden Festival had left its mark on this area of the park and it was beautiful to see. We finally decided we should check out the shops so we headed inside the Mitsukoshi Department Store. This is basically a mall inside of Disney, with Japanese dishes, plants, foods, drinks, art, movies, clothing, weapons, and other items for sale. I knew my goal for this place sat inside a tank at the Pick-a-Pearl station so I went over and tried my luck. I ended up with a beautiful pearl from the oyster I chose and had it set in a small gold setting. This was my last and favorite souvenir of the trip. The pearl itself cost around $15 and the setting ran another $20. I ended up buying a chain back home and stored the pearl during the trip so I didn’t lose it. You can research the Pick-a-Pearl on DisBoards.

Grand Marnier Orange Slush

Silly Beret

After Japan, we stopped by Morocco and France. We got kind of goofy in France and took a lot of pictures. This may or may not have been caused by a detour to the drink pavilion in France where I bought myself a Grand Marnier Orange Slush. It was a drink of beauty and tasted delicious.

Spaceship Earth

With the drink in hand, we casually strolled back the way we came from, catching up on Germany and China. We had almost completed the World Showcase so we decided to look around to Canada via Showcase Plaza and then we also stopped by the United Kingdom area. At this point it was getting dark and my husband finally confessed his feet were dying so we went back to the hotel before fireworks. When we got back, we took a dip in the heated pool to cool off our feet and fell right asleep when we got back to the room.

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