5 for $500: Seattle, Washington

Our third destination for the 5 for $500 Challenge is Seattle, Washington. For this trip, you’ll enjoy downtown life in this northwestern state.

Space Needle and Pacific Science Center

The Dates

Plan this trip for June 5-June 7 to match our prices. We suggest arriving on the 5th, attending the ball game, then checking into the hotel and grabbing dinner. Your first breakfast will take place on day 2 of your trip and your second breakfast will be the last meal of this trip, on the morning of day 3.

The Hotel

The Moore Hotel

You’ll spend 2 nights at The Moore Hotel. The Moore Hotel is in downtown Seattle and is relatively cheap compared to most hotels in town. You’ll find few amenities in this hotel but it is located within walking distance of most of your attractions and food. The hotel is historic so you’ll want to take a good look around you at the history and the beauty of the building. Budget $225 for 2 nights in this hotel.

The Food

Top Pot Doughnuts

Breakfast Day 1: Head to Top Pot Coffee and pick up a dozen doughnuts for your family. Save half for your second breakfast and pick up some drinks for everyone inside or in a nearby convenience store. For $25 you should be able to make breakfast stretch for 2 days.

Lunch Day 1: You’ll grab lunch inside Safeco Stadium at one of the many concession options. Depending on everyone’s wants and needs and how well you budget, you should be able to stay within a $40 budget.

Dinner Day 1: Enjoy a calmer dinner at Pike Place Chowder in the Pike Place Market (Previously featured in our Top 10 Ghost Tours). Like the name suggests, the menu features many chowder and soup options. Budget $40 for this meal. You’ll want to come over straight after the game before the market here closes.

Breakfast Day 2: Grab another batch of refreshments and finish up Day 1’s breakfast.

Lunch Day 2: Stay near the Science Center and pick up lunch from Rhodie’s Smokin’ BBQ. You’ll have your choice of BBQ beef, pork, or chicken and you can make a combo out of it. To stay within a $30 budget, make only 2 of your meals combos and split the chips and drinks between the 4 of you.

Dinner Day 2: Grab a filling sandwich at the Buffalo Deli. Find 2 Whole Subs your family will like, cut them down the middle, and order everyone chips and a drink. You can budget around $30 for this stop.

The Fun

Seattle Mariners - Opening Day 2009

Day 1: See the Seattle Mariners play at Safeco Field. On Sunday, June 5, 2011, they play the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at 1:15 PM. For $60, your family can sit in the bleacher seats and watch a ball game. Lunch will be at the stadium so enjoy hot dogs and other ballpark foods while watching a fun Sunday game. Tickets go on sale March 12.

Day 2: Head to the Pacific Science Center and spend the day learning about dinosaurs and weather, exploring a butterfly house, getting a close-up look at insects, and interacting with science in more ways than you can imagine. The Science Center was previously featured in one of our Wizarding Week posts and while the exhibit will have moved on by June, it still contains relevant museum information. The Pacific Science Center is located in Seattle Center which has plenty to explore for the family including some free events like the FREE Pagdiriwang Philippine Festival on the 5th.

The Total

View 5 for $500 Seattle in a larger map

Hotel: ………$225.00
Food: ………$165.00
Activities: ……..$106.00
TOTAL: …….$496.00

We came in under $500. To make this downtown trip work, we had to sacrifice a bit on the food front. Most of the places we chose are quick service and with all the walking you might want to find a way to sit down for a bit. Before taking your trip, keep an eye out for coupons and sign up for emails at local Seattle restaurants. They might send you a savings opportunity that I can’t find for you 4 months in advance. If you do get a deal, let me know so others can save too.

Check back tomorrow for the next 5 for $500 challenge!

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