Spring Break: Miami Beach

Miami Beach, Florida

Try to beat this beauty

The Cuban influence in Miami Beach can’t be missed. Head to another area of town and the influence of Haiti becomes apparent. All over the city you’ll notice the foods and music highlighting a mix of the mash-up of cultures. Meanwhile, the beach here is one of the top-rated in the world. Parts of South Beach even allow for topless sunbathing. Here are some key travel tips:


Spring Break Fun

  • The Clevelander Hotel is a central location for sleeping, dining, drinking and partying.
  • The fun is concentrated in SoBe (South Beach) so look for hotels down on that end, between 5th and 15th streets
  • March 8-March 12 the Winter Music Conference comes to town. Enjoy beachside pool parties starting at noon each day.
  • March 25-March 27 the Ultra Music Festival comes to town. Concerts feature electronic and local artists as well as DJs.
  • There are often day cruises to the Bahamas. If you want to go on one, make sure to bring your passport.
  • To gain easier admission to the clubs, line up early, dress up nice and respect the doorman.

Lifeguard station at South Beach


  • Walking is key to getting around Miami Beach. Get some good footwear with solid soles to protect yourself from any broken bottles.
  • When you go to the beach and clubs, don’t leave items unattended. Take advantage of hotel room safes.
  • Enter your hotel from the main entrance at night rather than side doors
  • Make sure to drink water. You’d be surprised how quickly you dehydrate in the sun with drinks.
  • Travel with friends and don’t leave anyone behind.
  • Use common sense
  • Follow these tips to avoid overpaying in Miami

View SoBe Secret Weapon: Fun & Inexpensive in a larger map
Use this great guide to help you find the best places in and around Miami Beach


  • Hotels often give out VIP passes to local clubs. Just make sure to bring cash for cover charges in case that club isn’t for you or your pass doesn’t work due to high crowds.
  • Consider staying at one of the Top 7 Miami Beach Hotels to save a bundle.
  • Stay at the Sixty Sixty Miami Beach for as low as $55/night.
  • Orbitz has ongoing Miami travel deals.
  • Enjoy one of these 5-night packages starting at just $200/person
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  • Ashley

    I actually saw airfare from STL to Miami for $29 ($101 r/t w/ taxes) the other day. I was at work though and forgot about it later. Heck, why not go for a weekend when it’s THAT cheap!! I didn’t know you had this site. Cool!