Spring Break: Cancun

Cancun, Mexico

Cancun draws in travelers for its warm weathers, access to the beach, and low prices. It features resorts with drinks pouring, pools, and live music. If you’ve decided to travel to Cancun, you’ll want to be sure to pay attention to your safety and surroundings. Mexico has had US State Department travel warnings in the past. You’ll also want to plan ahead to make sure to save om your stay and stay out of trouble. Here are some key travel tips:

Spring Break Fun

Coco Bongo in Cancun, Mexico

  • Enjoy clubs like Señor Frogs, The City, Fat Tuesdays, or Coco Bongo’s
  • Take advantage of all-inclusive hotels, where most resorts have drinks included and poolside bars
  • Stay in the Hotel Zone for safety and beach-side access
  • Gran Caribe Real is one of the homes of Student City’s Spring Break
  • Check out the hotel breakdown on Spring Break Cancun to see which hotels have activities for partiers and which hotels have closed their doors to spring breakers.



  • Cancun’s water is not potable. Waste runoff contaminates the water system meaning all running water could cause illness. Make sure to drink bottled water (check the seal) and verify your ice comes from a factory. Don’t forget to do things like teeth brushing with bottles of water as well.
  • Check your menus to make sure foods with fruits and vegetables are purified with iodine.
  • The police tend to take advantage of people who rent cars and require bribes for you to pass.
  • Make sure to drink water. You’d be surprised how quickly you dehydrate in the sun with drinks.
  • Watch for red flags on the beach. You may have better luck swimming in the lagoon than the gulf due to high waves and currents.
  • Travel with friends and don’t leave anyone behind.
  • Use common sense
cancun hotel zone map

Cancun Hotel Zone, Click to Enlarge


  • Take the bus system around town. Not only will you avoid police issues but it’s a great way to travel around town.
  • Budget money ahead of time to pay for your departure tax. You don’t want to end up stranded in the city or borrowing from friends.
  • Stay at the all-inclusive Be Live Grand for as low as $43/person/night.
  • Stay 4 nights at the all-inclusive Gran Caribe Real Resort for as low as $609/person.
  • Stay 5 nights at the InterContinental Presidente Cancun for as low as $529/person.
  • Stay 5 nights at the all-inclusive Riu Caribe for as low as $699/person. Use code CANCUN100 to get the lowest rate. Depending on which week you stay, United Vacations may offer a cheaper rate. Or, fly in and stay 3 nights for as low as $429/person.
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