Honeymoon Week: Venezuela

We’re heading into some remote territory now. We’re heading to Venezuela, in a remote location that you have to fly into. You’ll first want to fly into Caracas and choose a nearby hotel to recharge for the night and await your next flight at 8:30 in the morning on this:

Chapi Air's plane

If that plane looks small, it’s because it is small. When standing, an average adult man will probably be taller than the plane by an inch or so. What am I getting you into?

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Los Roques

Hotel and Nearby


Photo Credit: Posada La Cigala

Head 100 miles north of mainland Venezuela to find this archipelago and national park. There are 350 islands and cays here but you’ll be staying on El Gran Roque. Your posada, or inn, will be Posada La Cigala. The inn has 8 rooms, a living area, and 2 terraces. Your hosts, Enrique and Liana, are fluent in Spanish, Italian, English, and French, so you should feel at ease if you speak one of those languages. You have several options for your stay:

  • B&B: Bed and Breakfast
  • B&B + Boat: transportation to nearby islands with service of beach chairs, umbrellas and beach towel
  • Half Board: bed, breakfast and dinner
  • Full Board: bed, breakfast, lunch box and dinner+boat transportation to nearby islands with service of beach chairs, umbrellas and beach towel

The hotel offers 2 motorboats, a group boat, air-conditioning, free wi-fi in common areas, and access to a fly-fishing boat and guide. If you stop in one of the local restaurants, you’ll notice lobster on the menus. Los Roques produces 90% of the lobster in Venezuela. It’ll be fresh and delicious.

Los Roques National Park
Francisqui - Los Roques, Venezuela

You can expect to explore the many islands by renting boats and seeing the beautiful sites. Don’t forget to look down and explore the water too. There are 280 species of fish here and one of the largest varieties in coral and is the best preserved in the Caribbean. If you’re a fisherman (or woman!) you’ll love the ease and ability to catch fish here. Just be careful not to catch a barracuda. As you move across the islands, you may spot dolphins, manta rays, or even the island chain’s flock of flamingos.

There are many ways to enjoy the water here. You can swim in the shallow water, enjoy snorkeling and seeing all the sea creatures, rent a kayak, or even enjoy windsurfing. Use your map to guide you to one of the other islands, some of the local favorites include Madrisqui Island, Crasqui, Rabusky, Noronky, and Francisqui.


Los Roques, Venezuela - Crasqui

  • Best for: People looking to experience untouched nature and beaches. Only one of the islands here is inhabited.
  • Not For: People looking for a pre-packaged vacation, somewhere cold, or somewhere with night life.
  • Notable: Make sure to change your money to the local currency when you land and stay in Caracas.
  • Budget: Bargain. Your hotel in November with the BB&Boat package will cost about 1050VEF (approx. $400USD) for a couple for 6 nights. You can fly in from Miami to Caracas for about $700/person and your added cost will be airfare to the island, of around $200-$400/person. Food is very reasonably priced on the island (or you could add it onto your hotel stay) and there are no cars to rent. Realistically, this is a trip that would be better suited for 4 days, bringing your spending down to $1600.
  • Time to Visit: Year-round. There really aren’t any bad times to visit. November might be one of the best months though.
  • Time to Avoid: May through October brings rainier weather with slightly cooler temperatures, November through April brings drier weather with slightly warmer temperatures.
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