Honeymoon Week: Travel Tips

We’re wrapping up Honeymoon Week with some tips on planning for, saving for, and going on your honeymoon. Don’t forget to scroll back and check out all the amazing destinations we’ve featured.


What do you want out of your honeymoon? That’s the first question you should ask yourself. Do you want time alone together? Do you want your honeymoon to be a trip to celebrate the merging of two families? You should also decide if you want to go somewhere in a city, somewhere remote, or maybe a lot of somewheres. Make a list of your wants and compare with your future spouse.

Another thing to do is start looking at work schedules. If you’re getting married in April and one of you is an accountant, not only are you crazier than I am, but you might have to delay a honeymoon trip. If you really want to take a honeymoon in the fall driving around New England, is it worth moving your wedding date to meet your honeymoon dreams? Besides the wedding, this will be one of your first major decisions for your future and if you haven’t traveled together before, you might be in for a surprise. Vacations can be stressful so try to plan ahead to limit the chaos. Another factor?


You’re already paying for a wedding and now I’m telling you about all this luxury travel?! I’m sounding kind of evil now. But as I’ve shown you, there are so many price points and places to stay that you can make a honeymoon work on any budget. Start saving up as soon as possible and be realistic about costs.

Another option? Honeymoon Registries. If you’ve lived together before your wedding or already have a household full of stuff, a honeymoon registry can be a nice way to give your guests gift ideas without ending up with yet another picture frame. After doing quite a bit of research, I’ve found a few different categories of honeymoon registries. Some are through resorts, which can mean if a guest buys you a massage, you have to use that gift for a massage and can’t exchange it for a snorkeling trip. It could also mean your guests would pay a premium for a service, sometimes even triple the actual price. Other registries might make you pay a fee to set up the registry. After doing some research, I’ve narrowed down the choices to some really great ones.

Honeyfund's interface

  1. Honeyfund Honeyfund is a free site that pays for itself by advertising. You can customize the page, the gifts and the URL. Guests can pay towards your flight, your hotel, or any adventures you want to take on your trip and that money goes right to you with the info on who sent it so you can get those thank you cards out. The site can send emails, post on facebook or be integrated right into your wedding website. Check out this sample registry and see if Honeyfund is right for you.
  2. Paypal You’ll want to set up PayPal as if you are selling items and put it on a website (see below). PayPal has a script generator here that is easy to use. From there, you can set up your page and gift ideas however you want. Mrs. Cola on Weddingbee did a great post on how she set up her PayPal registry.
  3. Wedding Website You can use a pre-packaged website or if you’re a tech savvy person, see if you can make your own. You can list out info and give guests a chance to reserve ideas or outings and let them pay online or at your wedding.

Remember that it is considered poor etiquette to put registry info on a wedding invitation (though shower invites are fair game) so use word of mouth to pass info along. If you have a wedding website, make sure to include the info on there and put the URL on your invites.

On Your Honeymoon

  • Tell people its your honeymoon. You never know what kind of upgrades you just might get and it could help you make certain connections. One of my friends mentioned it was her honeymoon and because it was the low season and many rooms weren’t booked, she got a free upgrade to the next room class. I got my room decorated in rose petals and a big hanging heart strewn up.
  • If one of you is planning on changing your name, make sure to book everything in your current legal name. You don’t want to get to the airport and be denied boarding because you were overeager to try out that new last name.
  • Wait a day to head out. The day after your wedding you’ll be tired, maybe a little hungover, and you’ll probably have some errands to run-like returning a tux. You can wait until Monday or Tuesday to fly out and have a chance to recover, assuring you’ll begin your honeymoon in the best of shape
  • Consider bringing a surprise for your new spouse. Bring a comfy robe, some bath oils, or make a special playlist in advance.
  • Change up your schedule. You are on vacation so do want you want! My husband and I got up earlier than most people, had breakfast in our room, took an early swim, ate lunch on the beach and came in to nap and relax during the afternoon. That was usually the time clouds would rumble up and people were often just waking up and missed all the sun. We would wake up, dress fancy for dinner just in time for the sun to come out and make a spectacular sunset over dinner. After our meal, we’d hit the ocean and pool again and then hit the hotel bars before returning to our room for an early night.
  • Don’t rule-out travel insurance. I went to Jamaica in the middle of hurricane season and just weeks before our wedding one hit the island. Our resort was safe but the insurance was a nice backup for us.
  • Bring a camera and take pictures. Take scenery shots, shots of each other, have others take your picture and take detailed shots. You can make an amazing photobook or scrapbook of your first trip as a married couple when you return.
  • Relax and remember you’re in love!
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