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In the past I’ve mentioned my love of SniqueAway but did you know there are a whole host of private sale sites out there?

Private travel sites usually involve invite-only admission but some are open to the public. No matter how you register, you have to be a member to take part in the savings. Most sites will quiz users upon sign-up about where they want to travel to and what types of hotels they want to stay at. Through that information, the private sale sites are able to “buy” deals from optimal hotels. Hotels like the deals because they can sell off unused rooms in slower seasons without changing their prices in case regular customers stroll upon their site. Most hotels listed on private sale sites are high class hotels and resorts worldwide, meaning you can get a taste of luxury at an affordable price.

I’m a member of 6 sites, including SniqueAway. I’m going to review the six sites here but take note that I haven’t booked a trip through any of them yet. I have plans to possibly book one if the deal is right, but so far I’m being picky so I can save for a nice big trip.


Jetsetter's website

Jetsetter is an offshoot of Gilt Groupe, a sample sale site. Jetsetter offers daily flash sales (think Groupon) and it also has year-round offers. Rooms that are offered on a limited basis sell out quickly but Jetsetter does offer a “hold” feature. In case someone doesn’t buy off the “hold” list, there is also a wait-list. Sales last 2 days and at the time of my research there were 24 live sale options. Some of the current options include hotels in the Hamptons; Park City, Utah (home of an awesome ghost hunt and ski area); Monticello, Virginia; South Africa; Bali; Mexico; the Bahamas; Paris; Italy; China; and Spain. Their 24/7 sale site just launched and is offering 20% discounts in January. Want to join? Click here to sign up.

Voyage Privé

Voyage Privé features deals up to 75% off. Through my time using it, I’ve seen between 10 and 15 sales pop up each week. The site is based out of France (Voyage Privé means private travel) and the site features many international locations. Note: When you sign into the site for the first time, don’t forget to choose the flag of your home country for your login to work. Between France, the UK, France, Italy, Spain and the US, Voyage Privé is the largest private sale site with over 5 million members. Sales last 5 days with new options every day. Some current sale options include Napa Valley, California; the Daytona 500 and hotel weekend in Florida; Italy; Great Britain; Hawaii; Paris; Rome; Budapest; and Spain. The trips found on here often include excursions of multiple cities as opposed to just a hotel room.

Voyage Prive shut down for American members on January 30, 2012.


Vacationist features deals at up to 40% off regular prices. Luxury Link (a leading luxury travel website) partnered with Travel + Leisure (one of the world’s leading travel magazines) to create accessible deals for people who want to experience luxury. Sales last just 3-7 days or until they sell out. The site has 9 deals on it at the moment of writing. Some current deals include the Dominican Republic, Mexico, Thailand, New York, England, Arizona, and Belize. Want to join? Click here to sign up.


Tablet mixes up the rules a bit. Tablet already features regular deals on the site and made private deals an offshoot of the everyday savings. Each Tuesday, deals begin and last 3 days. Hotels that qualify for the private sale are based on the ratings from their current hotel reviews. If a hotel falls below the required score of 15 out of 20, it will be disqualified from being offered on Tablet’s private sale site. This ensures the quality of all hotels featured in the private sale. Tuesday’s sale options will feature Belize, Paris, and New York City. Tablet limits their membership to “only available to people who have either booked with us or have been invited in.” Lucky for you, I’m an invited member. Email me at [email protected] or leave a comment with your email address in it for access to the site.


TripAlertz offers varying discount levels depending on how many people book a trip. The more people that book, the better the savings is. Once you book a trip, you can discuss trip strategies with the other people that booked the same trip. The site really works to make its users happy. Users can submit upcoming trip ideas and winners will become future deals. If you happen to submit the idea that gets the highest bookings in a month, you can take your trip for free. On top of all that, 1% of the earnings from each sale goes to sustainable efforts. Current deals include San Diego, California; Washington DC; Portland, Oregon; Brazil; Houston, Texas and more to come after voting has completed for the week. Want to join? Click here to sign up.


SniqueAway only offers bookings in 4-or-5-star hotels with the top reviews on TripAdvisor. Sales last for up to 7 days, unless they sell out first. The site does the best job of providing you necessary information about your trip and hotel so you don’t need to search the rest of the net to find it. In the two months I’ve been following this site, I’ve featured the deals many times in my Daily Deals because the savings is that good. I’m always surprised that the rooms they include aren’t just the cheap hotel rooms but actual fireplace and oceanview suites. The locations are always so exciting, I have to sit on my hands not to book a trip. Right now the deals at Newport, Rhode Island and Granada, Nicaragua are my favorites but I can’t wait to see the Aspen, Bali, and Virginia trips later today. Want to join? Click here to sign up.

Notice: Links clicked on this page may feature referral links. I may be eligible to receive trip credit if you do choose to book a trip through one of these sites; however, I am not being compensated in any way for this review and I am reviewing these sites because of the bargain opportunities and not to receive compensation. If you have any questions, please email me or leave a comment.

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