Are You Ready For Some Football?

Superbowl Sunday is right around the corner and in a nod to the sport, we’ll be doing some hometown trip ideas for all of the relevant football cities this week. First up: In honor of Aloha Stadium and the Pro Bowl last night, here are 5 Things you don’t want to miss on the island of Oahu.

1. Diamond Head

Diamond Head

Diamond Head State Monument gives you some of the best views in all of Hawaii. The trail to the top is long and hard but the reward is so overwhelming that when you reach the top, your breath will still be taken away. The crater provides a reminder of Hawaii’s volcanic history and the views of the ocean remind you of all of Hawaii’s natural beauty.

2. Waikiki Beach

Waikiki Beach

In front of most of the resorts on Oahu sits Waikiki Beach. The shallow calm waters are perfect for casual swimmers and tourists. You’ll see surfers, wave riders and outrigger canoes on top of the water here. The beautiful beach here is a perfect taste of beach and ocean without all the dangers of the open sea.

3. Pearl Harbor

Pearl Harbor

The USS Arizona Memorial remembers a somber day in US history. The National Monument here recognizes those the country lost that day and the events surrounding it. The center incorporates history with the tragedy and is a must-see in understanding the history of WWII and the meanings derived from said events.

4. Waimea Bay

Waimea Bay from TravelHyper on Vimeo.

Head to the north side of Oahu to experience some of the best beaches without all the tourists. In the winter, Waimea Bay is known for is high waves and surfers. In the summer, expect to find calmer waters and a rock perfect for jumping from.

5. Sunset Beach

Sunset Beach

Continue north up the Kamehameha Highway from Waimea Bay and you’ll soon reach Sunset Beach. The views from this spot are spectacular. In the summer, the water is calmer and you can swim in the shallow waters (avoid the riptide, the stinging seaweed and the high winter waves). This is a perfect spot to head to once the evening starts to come. Just lay back and watch the beautiful scenes unfold before you and enjoy the calm island life.

All photos and videos are personal and were taken on my 2005 trip to Hawaii. Please credit when using.

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