Travel Bites: Luggage Tips

Luggage Tags, Image Credit: Martha Stewart Living

When you’re traveling this Christmas, there will be thousands of other travelers just like you. Things might start to look the same after a 4 hour flight, bags get lost and your worst nightmare might be a missing bag full of all your holiday goodies.

How can you avoid luggage drama?

  • Know your luggage. If you don’t have a set already, choose a set that has unique features, colors or patterns. Make sure your bag is also durable. Check old bags for broken wheels, handles and zippers and get these fixed to better ensure your bag will arrive safely.
  • Make your luggage stand out. Add big labels or tag holders. Tie bag handles or brightly colored ribbon around your bag. Match the ribbon on all your pieces of luggage. Attach a sticker somewhere on your luggage.
  • Label your luggage. Make sure all your contact info is correct on old luggage pieces. List both a home and cell number, or even the number at your destination. Make sure your tag is clear and legible. Need new luggage tag inserts? Download these free ones from Martha Stewart.
  • Create a luggage inventory sheet. If your bags do get lost, you want to know what you packed and what’s missing to get the most out of insurance. Take photos while packing. Download this free inventory sheet and document what you pack. Put one copy in your bag and one copy in your carry on. The copy in your luggage will help if your bag gets misplaced or the luggage tag comes off, because it includes duplicate contact info. If your bags are lost, your copy in your carry-on includes any and all identifying details of your luggage and if you take photos of your bag, these can be printed and forwarded through the airports.
  • Don’t pack prohibited items. Check the TSA’s current list to make sure nothing is in your luggage that shouldn’t be.
  • Make sure the bag you have is yours before leaving the airport. I’m sure you want to leave the airport as much as I do but make sure you have your bag by checking the ID. Others may take the same measures you do. Also, make sure your party has all their bags. Monitor those around you to make sure your bag wasn’t picked up by mistake.
  • These same rules apply to larger checked items. Packing skiing equipment? A musical instrument for a Christmas concert? A car seat or stroller for the baby? Choose a good label and something to make it stand out on your own. When I went to Disney, there were 8 identical strollers sitting outside as we got off our flight. Put some fuzzy dice or a big bow on yours to make sure no mix-ups occur.
  • Know checked luggage fees. Know before you go so you aren’t trying to find ways to cram your bags down.
  • Know carry-on luggage rules. Avoid having to check bags that haven’t met the standards. Make sure you meet size guidelines as well as prohibited material guidelines.
  • Make it to the airport on time. Limit close connections and allow plenty of time for your luggage to be put on board any and all flights.
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