Travel Bites: Favorite Things

My favorite thing for today is another item that is a must have in my house. Today’s item: Bath & Body Works’s socks.

Sweetest, Softest Ever Socks, Image credit: Bath & Body Works

These first socks come in handy when you’re staying at a hotel. You don’t want to have to wear shoes in your hotel room and you might want to keep warm but still walk down the hall to a vending machine or a travel companion’s room. House-shoes and slippers are nice but they take up precious space in your luggage. The solution? These socks come with non-skid bottoms and in 9 different colors. The Sweetest, Softest Ever Socks are available online only.

Fragrance and shea-infused socks, Image credit: Bath & Body Works

These next socks are the style I have. I may have over 5 of them. It’s an addiction and I can’t help it but it is testimony to how much I love them. These Fragrance and Shea-Infused Lounge Socks offer the same non-skid bottoms as the socks above but they also include a bonus: Each pair of socks has shea butter infused to the inside of the sock. For the first 25 wears or so, your feet will be moisturized as you wear the socks. If you’re planning a trip that has plenty of walking or standing involved, you need these socks. Each pair of socks is also infused with a fragrant oil, vanilla, cotton, lavender or peppermint. Each has its own scent and calming qualities, something which might remind you of home.

Currently, the Sweetest, Softest Ever Socks run for $3 online and the Fragrance and Shea-Infused Socks run for $5 in store and online, though prices may change with demand. Print this coupon to get a free item (up to $13 value) when you spend $10 before Christmas or use the code SPECIAL20 to receive 20% off your online purchase.

Disclaimer: I was not paid in any way for this recommendation. The only affiliation I have with Bath & Body Works is that I spend way too much money there.

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