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We’re rounding out Favorite Things week here on TravelHyper with one last special gift. If you have a child and travel with them, you might know how hard it is to convince them they need only one doll or stuffed animal. I always brought as many dolls as I could cram into a bag and there was one trip where I lost poor Noelle Christabel and we had to detour back to the Georgia hotel on our way home so I could be reunited with my one true doll of the moment.

My Pillow Pets- Duck, Image credit:

With My Pillow Pets, you may be able to circumvent that kind of drama. Step 1- Give your kid this new amazing toy days before the trip. Step 2- Gladly let them pack the toy. Step 3- You now have a stuffed animal for your child that is no longer a unitasker. The reason I love My Pillow Pets is because they work as both a stuffed animal and a pillow. The pets are made out of chenille so there’s no doubt they’ll be cozy and cuddly.

Unlatch the velcro and your dog is now a pillow, Image credit:

With over 35 different animal choices, you’ll find a pet your child will love. There are dinosaurs, a unicorn, bumble bees, a panda and a hippo. Now, I know I keep emphasizing these are for kids but I have a confession to make: I have the jolly giraffe. When I was still dating my husband, I became quite sick and slept a lot. My husband went out of his way to cheer me up and bought me a giraffe that I could sleep on. He was quite cozy and quite cuddly and while I love the animals, the real reason they make my wish list is the memory behind them.

Large 18″ pets retail for $24.99 and smaller 11″ pets retail for $15.99. You can buy My Pillow Pets here or on Amazon.

Note: I am not compensated in any way for this review, I just love the gift and I hope you will too.

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