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We’ve been talking a lot of Disney World this past week, with mentions of how the week between Christmas and New Year’s is one of the busiest of the year. So how does Disney manage to make sure you get to ride as many rides as you can? The Disney Operational Command Center.

Cinderella's Castle, Walt Disney World

Cinderella's Castle, personal photo

The Command Center has worked on making lines into a science rather than a nuisance. You may have seen some of this technology trickle down to other theme parks. Disney’s Fast Pass system has been somewhat copied by Six Flags theme parks and their Flash Pass system. Disney’s system of making lines into an attraction of their own has been taken to new levels at Universal Studios with their Wizarding World of Harry Potter. So to advance the science of lines yet again, Disney built a hub under Cinderella’s castle that uses video cameras, computers, digital park maps to actually stop lines from getting long even before they can back up.

Basic responses to impending lines might include release more boats on water rides or sending characters to distract people while they are in line. If Fantasyland is filling up but Tomorrowland has plenty of empty space, Disney may re-route one of its parades to lead people into an emptier section of the park.

Disney has also been trying to help park guests use technology to help themselves as well. Disney has created phone apps to help guests find out ride wait times and where they can find character autograph signings. When you wait in the line queue at Space Mountain, you now have video games to entertain you. They’re even looking into ways to improve food lines, with patents being filed that would allow guests to swipe a card or wristband to get drinks rather than waiting in a long line.

Next time you go to Disney, you may notice these changed paying off. Most park guests now have time for at least one more ride a day thanks to the new technology.

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