Wizarding Week: Seattle, Washington

Last night I had some homemade butterbeer cupcakes (recipe courtesy amyBITES) and I sat down and watched Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. Tonight I’ll continue my movie marathon but first I’ve got another Wizarding Week post for you all.

When you hear the word Seattle, you may wonder what in the world that city has to do with Harry Potter. But Seattle is suddenly full of muggles desperate to get a taste of the Harry Potter action. The Pacific Science Center in Seattle has just opened the last American leg of the Harry Potter: The Exhibition. The exhibit will run through January 30, 2011 EXTENDED! through February 13, 2011 so for two more months you can continue to enjoy the splendors of this exhibit.

Boys dormitory, ™ © Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. s10

In this 10,000 square foot exhibit, you’ll find movie memorabilia and interactive projects. You’ll start your journey with a witch welcoming you to Hogwarts and one lucky tour member will be sorted into a Hogwarts House by the Sorting Hat. The exhibit then leads you to a room to watch clips of Harry Potter, setting the stage for the rest of your tour. The Hogwarts express gives a whistle and the doors open, releasing you into the Gryffindor Common Room. From there, you can travel the exhibit at your leisure.

TriWizard Cup, ™ © Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. s10

There are props from the movies, including the TriWizard Cup, Harry’s wand and glasses, the Marauder’s Map and a Hogwarts acceptance letter. You’ll also get to see the costumes of various cast members and all their intricate details. Be sure to check the stitching on Dumbledore’s robes to see just how detail-oriented the designers were. There are several sets rebuilt for this exhibit including the boys’ dormitory and Hagrid’s hut. You’ll also find creatures here, including Kreacher himself. There are also spiders from the second movie, dementors from the third movie and Yule ball costumes from the fourth movie.

Kreacher, ™ © Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. s10

Along your tour, there are things to do as well as see. In Professor Sprout’s Herbology class you can pull a mandrake just as you might have seen in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. You can sit in the chair in Hagrid’s hut and measure up how big he really is. You can also play some Quidditch, or at the very least shoot a Quaffle through one of the goal hoops.

The tour exits into a gift shop where you can buy Harry Potter memorabilia of your own. Once you exit the gift shop, you can continue to explore the rest of the Pacific Science Center, as the price is included in admission.

One thing you can’t miss here is the new Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 on the IMAX. The Pacific Science Center has been showing the older movies for the past few weeks to build up to the new movie release. Right now, Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince is showing on screen but as of Friday, you’ll be able to see the new movie in all its glory. Movie times are only listed through December 16, 2010, so you’ll want to book soon!

Hagrid's Hut, ™ © Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. s10

Trip Planning Tips:

  • There are audio tours available for $6 per person. Speakers include Jany Temmie, Costume Designer, Pierre Bohanna, Props Manager, and Nick Dudman, Creature and Makeup Effects Designer. You can go to the website and listen to some sneak peeks to decide if you want to purchase the tour or not, or just click on the names here.
  • There are scary things on the tour. There are spiders, house elves and dementors. If your child isn’t ready to watch the movies, they probably aren’t ready for the exhibit.
  • The Pacific Sceince Center is closed on Tuesdays and limited winter hours so you’ll want to check your calendar before heading to the exhibit.
  • The exhibit has timed entries so buy your tickets online in advance to secure your entrance time.
  • You can buy Exhibit and IMAX combo tickets. Choose the date you want to go, click on the ticketing calendar and look on your right. Look for the options that say Harry Potter: The Exhibition – MORNING ADMISSION & A Special Engagement IMAX Film and choose that one. Not all dates are available and you may need to call 1-800-664-8775 for the Pacific Science Center’s ticketing information department.
  • Laser light show. You’ll want to make sure to stick around and see the Laser Dome performances, a laser show set to the music of artists including Bob Marley, Michael Jackson, The Beatles, Queen and more. The show will require a separate ticket.

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