Wizarding Week: Journey to Hogwarts

We’re on our last day of Wizarding Week and as a special treat, you’ll get two posts today. I hope those of you who managed to catch the midnight showing of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part One have rested up and those of you preparing to go are getting in the spirit with this post. Today we take a journey, heading first through Scotland and finally on the “Hogwarts Express” train ride.

Journey to Hogwarts

  • Walk 15 minutes to the Elephant House
  • Return to hotel
  • Drive 3.5 hours to Glen Nevis
  • Head to the Steall Falls Parking area
    • Hike to Steall Falls
  • Drive 20 minutes to Fort William
    • Get hotel

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Day Six

  • Walk 15 minutes to the Elephant House.
      Elephant House - Harry Potter

    • Opens at 8 AM.
    • Order tea, coffee or a bite to eat at the counter. Find a place to eat in the back room where you can view Edinburgh Castle.
    • JK Rowling wrote her first Harry Potter book sitting in the back room, looking out at the castle here. It would be hard not to see where her Hogwarts inspiration came from.
  • Walk 15 minutes back to hotel.
  • Drive 3.5 hours from Edinburgh to Glen Nevis.
  • Drive to the Steall Falls Parking area.
      Steall Falls

    • For information on the drive to the parking area, check here or here. You’ll park at the Lower Falls Car Park.
    • Your hike will last around 90 minutes or so, depending on if you choose to cross the river and see the falls up close. You can easily expand your hiking time and distance by parking closer to the visitors center.
    • To see the hiking route, check here or here. You will be following a well-made path with little room for error.
    • If you choose to see the falls up close, a wire footbridge may be open for you.
    • This area, including Steall Falls and Nevis Gorge, are seen in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire when Harry is battling the dragon and flying over the landscape.
  • Drive 20 minutes to Fort William. Get a hotel and rest in the town for the night.

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